Hey! MOLLY-ANNE HERE: Remember me? I’m a re-named Mini Molly! But, hey: I’M NOT JUST ANY RE-NAMED MINI MOLLY FROM AMERICAN GIRL HERE! I am THE Molly-Anne…that belongs to the 18 inch Molly, my owner! LOL!
Well, I’m here to bring you the LATEST mini-doll fashion today. I’ll be happily modeling for you, also! Get ready to have the best style EVER!

“I’ll take it on wheat bread, and yes, no mustard, uhh, lot’s of olives, and easy on the mayo, I have a very sensitive stomach…OH WAIT! Am I on? Like right now?! MODELING! FORGET THE SANDWICH!!!” 

 SO, Molly-Anne the fashion model here to bring you the latest mini-doll designer fashion this month! 

This month’s style is black and white. 

To make a gorgeous and cute dress, get a clean, white, lacy sock. (ALWAYS get an adult’s permission before cutting up clothes.) Cut from the lacy part and down, no required measurements: just how long you’d like the dress to be. After you’ve cut the piece, turn it upside down so the lacy part is at the bottom. Slip it on your doll, and to keep it from falling down, tie an elastic to it. 

To complete the girly-girl look, tie a piece of thin, black ribbon into a bow on the top of your mini-doll’s head. ADORABLE! 

And to bring this springy-time, fashionable outfit together, grab some black-and white ribbon and use it as a sash for your mini-doll.  

You could tie it in the back or stick the ends of the ribbon under the elastic ‘sash’ like we did. 

Now THAT’S the designer fashion for mini-dolls this spring! I hope you enjoyed getting all dressed up and gorgeous. ;) 
Your fashion-designer Molly-Anne SIGNING OFF! ;) 
P.S…..behind the scenes pic! hehe! We used this to brighten up all our pictures.