IMG_0005Now, who on earth wrote THAT title? I never have any misadventures!

Well, okay, maybe once. Or twice. Or, actually, a lot… But hey, let’s stop digging up ancient history, shall we?

I had heard rumors about a new swing set being put up. I couldn’t believe my ears, but I was the first one to actually check it out.

IMG_0001And do you know what?

IMG_0003IMG_0004It was true! By golly, we had a swing set now!

Excitement surged within me. I sped towards the lovely sight as fast as my little legs would carry me.

IMG_0006I flung myself onto the landscaping edge around it as I halted to a stop. My heart was beating speedily, and I was panting hard. What got me up and moving again was realizing there were bugs all over the landscaping edge!

IMG_0007I walked over to the wooden stakes keeping it in the ground and started climbing up.


IMG_0009“Whew!” I gasped as I took a little breather. “No wonder I am so skinny! All this physical exertion and exercise burns the calories faster than you can say, ‘I’m tired!'”

IMG_0010“Oh, yes! Have I ever missed doing this!” I chanted happily.

IMG_0011Aren’t Madison’s photgraphy skills improving? Be honest, now. She won’t get her feelings hurt. What do you think about these photos taking with her new Canon EOS 60D handed down from her older sister?

IMG_0013Back to ME.

I spied the green chain of the swing and all at once knew I HAD to get to it.


IMG_0016“READY SET GO!” I cried as I leaped from my stance.


IMG_0018“Score!” I grinned to myself.

IMG_0019IMG_0020But that wasn’t enough to satisfy me! “I must climb higher!”

IMG_0021All of the sudden, at the top, I lost my footing and slipped, screaming! I caught the chain just in the nick of time on one hand!

IMG_0022I slid down after that, and prepared my jump to the next swing.

IMG_0023Woo-hoo! I made it!

IMG_0024I flung myself to the other side un-flatteringly, and stood up.

IMG_0026“Hello, gorgeous.”




IMG_0032My footing slips again, and this time, my arms lose grip as well!

IMG_0033Thankfully I slide down not too far before I reach another knot in the rope. “Phew! That was a close one.”

IMG_0035IMG_0036IMG_0037IMG_0039I start to climb down the rope, but the end of it is still very far off the ground. I look down, and regret it. I squeeze my eyes shut, hold my breath, and jump down, bracing for impact.


It is a rather painful way to get off, but it must be done.

IMG_0042I stand up and spy the landscaping edge again. It makes a perfect sidewalk, if you walk fast enough so the bugs won’t get the chance to crawl on you.



IMG_0046I appear to be headed to the house.

IMG_0048Nope! I made a turn!

IMG_0050This is where I was headed!

IMG_0053IMG_0054“I HAVE to climb this thing!”


IMG_0056“It is breathtaking up here! Come join me!”




IMG_0062After climbing down from the tree, I visited a few more places as the sun continued to set.

IMG_0065IMG_0067IMG_0069IMG_0071These are our papaya plants! Someday, we’ll be eating papaya’s off these…yummy.

IMG_0072IMG_0073So THAT’S how the black racer snake got in…We finally killed him, by the way!

IMG_0075Yay, more trees!

IMG_0076IMG_0077IMG_0078IMG_0079I slipped and fell, but luckily I caught myself! (Or, rather, the branch did.)

IMG_0081I finally decide I’ve had enough excitement for one day and wave goodbye to the growing dusk.

IMG_0085Hoever, I’m a bit too tiny to open the heavy sliding door by myself and needed Madison’s help to get in…

See you in my next adventure!