Hiya! I’m really sorry I haven’t posted that tutorial on how to make you’re own AG doll (or any other doll) headband! We’ve been just so busy! BUT THAT WON’T HAPPEN ANYMORE!! We just installed Chrome and now it will log into my blog without Madison’s dad having to do it for her. Now, whenever they are away, (Madison’s mom and Dad, who are usually going out to breakfast) I can still post! This will leave me with LOTS of time to post!

Here is me taking a bath in….. EW, you will find out later!!

“Molly, time for a bath!!” My mom (my owner) calls.

“I’m not here,” I croak from behind vitamin pill bottles and chair cushions. “I’m serious!” My owner called.

I peeked out just a bit to watch my owner mixing that horrible paste; water and baking soda. “Mix until the constancy of toothpaste,” my owner says. That means it’s about as thick as toothpaste.

My owner called me again. “Molly McIntire! Come here NOW!” I stayed where I was. “Please honey, it won’t hurt.” I slowly emerged from my hiding place.

My owner touched me, and I gave a little scream. “But I haven’t even started yet!” she laughed, dipping the cotton swap in the paste. The moment it touched me, I screamed. “I know it’s cold,” my owner said in a soothing tone. “But whoever decided lipstick was ideal to put on doll’s, then shame on them.” It was true, my mother (my owner) had found some type of lipsticky-stuff on my leg and she doesn’t wear lipstick.

“I CAN’T BREATH,” I said, the towel put over my face as to protect my eyes muffling my voice. My owner just laughed and gently stroked my hair as she put on that really cold paste.

My owner wiped it off with a damp wash-rag, and then a dry one like this one.

“That was not so bad, was it?” my owner asked me. And, really, it was not. :)

So that is how I took a bath for my first time! My owner says she will give me one once a month, or when an accident happens. Taking a bath is not bad at all, but I would rather be playing with my doll, Molly-Anne. :)

Well, have your owners/mom’s ever given YOU a bath? I bet it was scary for the first time!!



***NOTE FORM MOLLY’S OWNER; I did NOT immerse my doll in water, like a real bath, nor immerse her in baking soda and water. I gently cleaned it with a cotton swab. And it’s true, I have no idea where that stain came from; I don’t where lipstick. ***