Hello! Welcome to my gymnastics!

Here is my school locker! To make your own, print out a locker image and glue to the front of a shoe-box! I got this from the Doll School Kit!

Here is the inside! My blue bag is tucked away in the corner, and the shelves are just a tissue box, cut in half! Some Altoids mints, (I got a mini mint can, and shaped some pink play-doh for mints) My journal, the meet Rebecca book, a bag of a banana, and two straw berries, (you can buy small bags for a really great price, and the food was all made out of play-doh) and behind all that is my folder! The bottom shelf holds my gym shoes, my basket-ball, and a mountain dew (I pretend it’s water, and it’s really just lip-balm!)

Oh! Oh! I’m going for the cartwheel! BET YA CAN’T DO THIS! Ha-ha!

Whew! A whole cart-wheel! It’s not as easy as it looks! Yes, of course, applause, applause……

Anyway, stay tuned for more photo-stories coming soon! Oh, and, about the doll headband, I will show you how to make that tomorrow!