So, how was your April 1st? I have the BEST prank to pull on your mom or older sister. Take an empty perfume bottle that still has a nice label on it, and fill it with vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is the stinkiest. Give it to the person you’re pulling a prank on, and tell her to try it on right now! When she does, she will smell like stinky vinegar! Heh heh! XD

I wanted to pull that on my sister, but my mom didn’t have any empty perfume bottles to spare. GRR! I wish I could’ve played some good pranks though. :P

Did you pull any pranks/jokes on anyone today? ^_^

Tomorrow I get a loft bed…I am SO excited!

Tell me about your pranks you pulled, if you pulled any! 


P.S. I am planning an epic photo story series…..feel free to comment ideas below! What would YOU like to see a photo story series of? Set in a specific era? Any ideas you’re thinking of you would love to be turned into a photo story series?