A baby stumbled into the AG room. “Blah bitt boo boo mama!”

Cecile stood up and cried, “Shoo! Shoo, you’re not an American Girl! Get out of here!”

Josefina, the warm-hearted, sweet and loving doll, picked the little baby up. “Nonsense,” she argued. “She’s adorable! Poor thing, she doesn’t have a mother.”

Molly came in to join the scene. “Awww!” she teased. “The baby likes you! She’s giving you a hug.”
Cecile just shook her head. “I don’t want BABIES that aren’t even AMERICAN GIRL to be in here! She’ll just slobber all over our things!”
Josefina just planted a kiss on top of the baby’s head. “Well, the reasonable thing to do would be to find it’s mother,” Molly stated. 
“What if it’s homeless?” Josefina cried.
“We’ll ask our mom to take care of her!”
“That’s a great idea, Molly!” 
Cecile joined in our conversation. 
“Absolutely not! Mom’s got enough on her hands already.”
“Oh, it wouldn’t hurt to just try, would it, Cecile?”
“Whatever. As long as I don’t have to change the baby’s diapers, I’m fine.”

Turns out, Mom(Madison) adopted Lavender (Lavender is what we named her) and now she is our little baby cousin! Lavender is made by Mattel. Technically, she is American Girl, considering Mattel now owns AG. 
(Cecile eventually warmed up to Lavender ;))

We’re so happy that we have a new baby cousin! Welcome to dolly world, baby Lavender! 
Molly and Madison, with Josefina, Cecile, and Baby Lavender!