Hi! Molly here! Yesterday I did my beam routine, and we thought we’d share it with you all today! :) Now I normally wear my gymnastic leotard, but today I was just practicing, not performing, so I stuck with my practice outfit.

Bam! I had just landed my back-handspring when I realized I was being photographed. 

Oh, hello there! Watch me do my glorious cartwheel!

Soon, I began getting kind of proud and uhh…well, did something NOT on my routine. That was jumping and then doing a split in the air, then landing. I wasn’t supposed to be doing this, because it was too advanced for me. But I had done it on the flour routine, so how hard could it be on the beam? I wanted to show my awesomeness off, anyway.

Jump! Splits! Land! HA! I could do it perfectly!

 However, I landed kind of funny. Uh oh.

I landed to the ground with a thud. All of the sudden, I heard someone let out an air-piercing scream. Then, I realized it was me. Grasping my ankle, I let out a groan of agony. I could barely whisper for my mom. Luckily, she was in there the time I fell, and called 911 right away. 

As I laid in the ambulance, I began to regret showing off…..

Two hours later, I was back home again. I had a cast and crutches. It was kind of hard to walk in them, but I managed.

As I limped past the beam with my crutches, I knew I wouldn’t be showing off for a long, long time. 
And I hope YOU never will! I learned my lesson, alright….6 weeks in a cast! I’m going to miss out on practice terribly. :(
NEVER show off, my fellow dollies and their mommies! You will regret it!