Hey girls!

I jammed my toe in some rocks today, and half of my nail-attached-to-skin is flapping around but I’m too scared to pick it off. :P We cleaned it up (it was bleeding pretty bad. Like, it got all over my flip flop) and put some bandages on it (to protect it) but it still hurts very badly whenever I walk, and I’ve already bumped it many times today.

So, I’m really sorry to say that this means all posts for today have been delayed to next week. Because, tomorrow we’re leaving to take my older sister to a Bible college five hours away! Yes, I’m bringing a doll…Can you guess which one I’m bringing?

So, overall I’m sorry I couldn’t post what I had planned out for me to post today, and won’t be posting for tomorrow and until probably Monday of next week.

But, have fun guessing which doll I’m bringing with me when we take my big sister to Bible college! (and, unfortunately, all of her stuff. That’s a lot of luggage! Hopefully i’ll get her room when she moves out. :P )



(prayers would be very gladly excepted!)