Happy Monday! Does anybody like Mondays? I actually do. I get to sleep in because of late church nights, only because I’m homeschooled.

And then I also don’t like Mondays, because getting a late start on my day always gets me behind schedule. I did try to wake up at 5 this morning, but I fell back asleep at 7. ? Typical Madi fail.

But this isn’t about Mondays or failing at waking up early! I’m handing it off to Del here so she can give you a reminder about validating your bonus entries. And mostly because she’s a strangely very strong doll, trying to pry my hands off the keyboard because she hasn’t posted in a long time caer;feorihgv Del! Stop!ad ov[nd

Yo guys! Delaney here. But you get to call me Del ’cause you witnessed my face therefore I deem you cool. Dude, it’s been over a month since I last put Madison in her place.

No, actually, I take that back. I put her in her place once and for all and she’s always stayed there. She dare not slip up again. I just remind her of her lowly place at my feet every time I post on Delightful World of Dolls.

So apparently Madison wanted me to say something about validating your bonus entries for the Create-Your-Own doll giveaway we have going on right now? Is she seriously that lazy she won’t even do it herself?

She probably couldn’t trust herself to deliver such important pieces of information. Allow me to do it justice.

Actually, no. I don’t ask your permission for anything. I do whatever I want and all you’re allowed to do is sit back and watch.

Validating Your Bonus Entries for the AG Create-Your-Own Doll Giveaway:

  • Have you pressed “Confirm subscription” in the email you received when you subscribed to either this blog or Madison’s super lame barf-inducing totally-not-worthy-of-even-mentioning personal blog Madi Grace? If you haven’t, your bonus entry doesn’t count. Sorry not sorry. Don’t care. And because I’m not Madison, I will show you no mercy if you didn’t see this or didn’t know. Get with it, man.
  • Madison would like me to let you know that she’s not that strict and will let your entries count in case you never saw this, which in that case why am I telling you this if you’re not gonna even see? But you know what, no. No, Madison. You don’t get to intrude on the announcement you were too lame to do yourself.
  • Give us the links to where you shared! Sorry not sorry, pal. Saying “I shared this on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and on my blog and on WordPress and with a friend toooo” ain’t gonna cut it. If you can’t provide the links to exactly where you shared, NO MERCY.
  • No, Madison. I’m not letting you tell them that you’ll let it count in case they didn’t know. No, you don’t get to tell them that. This is my intrusion.

Bonus Entry Validation Troubleshooting:

Q: Oh Del, most epic doll among dolls! But I didn’t get a confirmation email when I subscribed!
A: That’s your problem, peasant. Not mine. That’s really just too bad, not that I care.
A.2: Madison would like me to tell you to comment below with the email address you tried to subscribe with and which blogs of hers you tried to subscribe with it with. She’ll send you a subscription email manually, and you can see if you can hit “Confirm subscription” there.

Q: Oh Del of DELightful World of Dolls! But I still didn’t get the confirmation email even when Madison sent it to me her(pitiful)self!
A: Wow. You’re a sorry sight. Get lost.
A.2: Madison would like me to tell you to comment below and let her know that’s not working. Your effort alone will count as a bonus entry.

Q: Oh Del, whose face radiates so much 100% pure epicness so much so I’m nearly blind, WordPress is being mean and having a convulsion or something! It won’t let me click the follow button for DELightful World of Dolls or the totally lame Madi Grace!
A: Good. You shouldn’t be following Madison’s barf-inducing blog in the first place. Sorry ’bout not following here though… not.
A.2: Madison would like me to tell you to try in another browser, another computer, restarting your computer, or another device. If it still doesn’t work, no problem! Your effort alone will count as your bonus entries.

Q: Oh, Del, epitome of epicness! For reasons I cannot explain, some of the bonus entry or even initial mandatory entry things are just. not. working!
Sounds to me you’re just trying to look for an excuse not to follow such lame blogs (besides my posts on here, of course). Beat it.
A.2: Madison would like me to tell you no problem at all! If things aren’t working for you, let me know. I have no problems making exceptions if you don’t have social media on which to re-post or the ways to follow aren’t working. Thank you for trying!

So. Now you know how to validate your bonus entries in case you had trouble. Be sure to comment below with any of those things in case you’re in doubt about any of your bonus entry stuff to make sure it counts.

That was an absolutely epic post since I showed up. I brought this entire article to a whole new level. Even after I leave, my radiating awesomeness will remain. Del out.


… Ahem. Well.

Madison here again! Before signing off, I just wanted to give a huge thank you to Feedspot for…

This! I received an email from the founder of Feedspot early this morning and nearly about died. You won’t believe how fast my heart was racing and how excited I was!

And thank you to you, too! DWOD would never be where it is if it weren’t for your absolutely amazing self and your encouraging support. I love you! ♥

Oh, and happy Cyber Monday! Be sure to check out this post for a complete list of absolutely superior things to buy super cheaply to take your 18″ doll-loving experience to the next level, and at absolutely no extra cost to you, support the last surviving Christians in Iraq this Christmas. They fled for their lives from ISIS and are living in refugee camps right now. Let’s help make this Christmas the best we can for them!

If you have any doubts about your bonus entries, just comment below and let me know! Be sure you hit “confirm subscription” in the subscription emails if you followed by email, and if you didn’t even receive an email, let me know and I’ll send you one manually. If that doesn’t work, or you have any other problems with your bonus entry or even mandatory entry things at all, just let me know!

It’s not too late to get bonus entries, either! The last day to enter or claim anymore bonus entries is November 30th! The announcement of the winner will be on December 1. As you can see above, I’ve started giving numbers to all the entries to prepare for the drawing of the winner, and I’m so excited!!

Love you and am praying for you!