Did anybody guess correctly on what was happening in the pictures in sneak peek #2? Let’s find out!

Okay, judging from the photos Connor MUST have turned out to be a “good guy”, because it definitely looks like he’s actually helping to spy on someone.


GOOD JOB SARA! *applause* Connor is definitely helping Issa and Lexi spy on someone.

Hmm. . . Maybe in the first and last picture, I remember something about telling Connor’s secret, maybe they revealed it and now he is hurt?


GOOD JOB UNICORNJENN! *applause* You are very close to being completely correct!

OOH. I think the guest person is revealing things about Connor’s past.


GOOD JOB SARAH! *applause* Correct, correct ?I loved reading all your guesses! YOU GUYS HAVE AMAZING IDEAS. Wanna guess some more? This is fun. For me, at least. XD

Let’s move on to today’s sneak peek!


Behold! I achieved some good lighting after days of mediocre photos and frustrating lighting situations. Thank the Lord for shade at 11 AM! ? What do you think is going on? Are Connor and Issa laughing over something? Crying? Over what? What is Lexi doing?


GASP. SARAH HAS SHOWN UP! What do you think she’s saying? What do you think is going on?

I went to the park for these photos and met two little girls who liked AG dolls. These teenager boys were playing basketball in the court to my the left and when the ball rolled over to me one dude shouted “Don’t get in her video!” XD


WHOOSH. Le uh oh.

Where do you think the ball came from? Is Issa going to trip?


AWW WHO ELSE THINKS THIS IS SUPER SWEET? ? What do you think is going on?

Behind the Scenes: Behold, the Reflector is being Nice!

I made sure to bring my reflector to the park and make my wonderful mother hold it for me so I looked professional. XD


I find it really works better outside. For me, at least, until I can practice more indoor photography with it. It likes reflecting the sunlight for me — not so much my indoors studio light.

One of my favorite photos from the shoot — this photo alone made me decide to take all the actresses out for cast shots and then a HOTH poster that I’ll reveal soon! A quickie ten-photo scene turned into 1.15 hours of profusely sweating and dolls toppling over and taking tons of photos…

I was really surprised to get it done within an hour and fifteen minutes, though. I thought it had been longer.

The date I reveal the guest star is determined by the amount of screaming you put in the comments. XD IT MAKES ME SO EXCITED AND HAPPY THAT I TEND TO DECIDE TO REVEAL HER SOONER. ?

Be sure to guess what’s going on in the photos! Love you guys. You’re all so awesome and I’m excited!

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