I’ve been working day and night on shooting for HOTH and am so excited for the next few days of sneak peeks! Soon teasers will be released… along with the announcement of a special, starred guest cast member!

Hmmm. Why is Connor crying? Do you feel sorry for him? He was mean to Issa in season 2 — but are there hidden reasons behind his tears?

Hmmm. The guest cast member has been up late, we see…

What could she be doing on her laptop? What is she verifying? And why is she doing it at night? Is it a secret?

Maybe she’s showing her work to someone — but who? What is loading?

Protagonist Issa appears to be spying on something — but who or what? Lexi seems to be joining her — but is that — Connor in the background? Is he joining whatever they’re doing or is he sneaking up on them with another prank?

And finally — why is Connor running out of the room? Is he sad? Upset? Frustrated? And oops — we can’t reveal the guest star yet! ;)

What do you think is happening in the pictures? If you’re correct, you get shouted out in the next post!

Stay tuned for the next HOTH sneak peek — and then teasers and the guest star’s unveiling! ?


“I want my necklace back,” she says. “I did what you asked. She’s dead.”

My jaw drops. “What in the world? What did you ask her to do, Connor?”