IMG_3684Oh man, I am in SUCH the crafting mood this week and weekend! I made a better doll shower than an earlier version I made last year, and then a “Mini Doll Hotel” room for Celina!

IMG_3683With Celina supervising! ;)

IMG_3685I’m almost finished. Can you tell she likes polka-dots? LOLOL! I used some Barbie furniture – it fits mini dolls perfectly. I used a Barbie bean-bag, and then the little toilet, sink, and stool/step thingy is from Barbie’s little sister, Kelly, or something. It’s sooo cute and I wrapped most of it in duct-tape. I’m still working on her bed. What do you think of her hotel room so far?

Do you like to craft?

Until next time,

And of course, the mini’s!