Hehe! Ever since I got Jocelyn and Celina, Molly-Anne’s been having some great adventures! But today, Jocelyn and Celina were playing tea party – something Molly-Anne wasn’t interested in. So she made do by having a little adventure. I’ll let her on so she can tell you all about it!


Well hiya, heya, and howdy happy peoples! I am Molly-Anne, aka Mini-Molly, most of ya’ll know me! Today Celina and Jocelyn were playing dainty lady tea party stuff and I wanted an adventure. So I had one!

IMG_3686In the Magical Christmas Tree Jungle! Using clothes made out of only leaves and green vines, I was Nature Girl!

IMG_3687I made my own house by twisting these twisty artificial pine branches into a platform. I made a roof, too, but you can only see me fixing up the floor right now.

IMG_3688I made my self a nice little seat to drink water out of these blue lights. It’s magical, I tell you! The blue Christmas lights on the tree shoot out water – when they’re turned on, sorta like one of those Ozarka water bottles you buy at the store and you squeeze them and water squirts into your mouth, you know? These work the same way.

IMG_3689Well I was really thirsty, but the lights weren’t turned on! They won’t work unless they are turned on. So I had to travel through many hardship including swinging on twisty and scratchy Christmas ribbon,

IMG_3690Sliding off round Christmas ornaments,

IMG_3691And “Tarzan”ing on vines (really the cord for Christmas lights)

to find the switch, or plug, or button, or ANYTHING to get those lights turned on!

IMG_3692Aha! Here is the button! But wait? Nothing happens when I press it! WHAT IS GOING ON?

“Woah, wait,” I thought to myself. I looked at another cord going into another direction.

IMG_3693I climbed up to get a better look. An outlet. The cord – the plug! It all made sense now. But where is the plug?

IMG_3694AHA! I said jumping down from my spot. “We meet at last!”

IMG_3695With a firm push, the plug was in the outlet and the lights turned on, casting weird shadows and lights around me! I plugged in a brown cord, too, so the shining Christmas star at the top of the Magical Christmas Tree Jungle would shine, too.

IMG_3696I pressed a few buttons until I adjusted it to where ALL the lights shone, no flashing or effects or anything so I could drink when I wanted.

IMG_3697Yay! I can drink to my hearts delight!

IMG_3698*sip* Mmm, refreshing! it’s so magical and cold!

IMG_3701I hope you liked my little adventure in the Magical Christmas Tree Jungle! Hey, all mini dolls out there! Calling all mini dolls! Go out and have your own adventure, whether it exploring the house, getting lost in the Christmas tree, or anything! Get out there and have an adventure!

Unless you’d like to stay and play tea party with Jocelyn and Celina.

Well, until next time,

~Molly-Anne, the Nature Girl!~