IMG_8288Hello, everyone. Yes, what you see behind me is complete and total chaos. Who knew planning a birthday could be this hard? Josefina was put in charge since she is super organized (with me as her assistant :)) because Madison had been busy with Bible reading, memorizing Scriptures, and helping out of the house, and getting a new bike, etc. So, we’re left to plan Joy’s birthday all by ourselves. I had no idea it could be this stressful! Right now, a fight is breaking out between Molly and Jasmine. Those two always have something to disagree about. They always make up, of course, but then it’s something else they’ve found to fight about again. Ugh.

IMG_8289Josefina noticed Joy sitting quietly to the side of our little room, (rather, corner of Madison’s room) and asked me if I would go spend some time with her. Besides, it would keep her distracted from out party planning.

IMG_8290“OK, I’m going over now,” I called to Josefina. But poor Josie was trying to calm Molly and Jasmine down and barely heard me.

IMG_8291“Hey,” I chirped as I walked over to Joy. “How’s it going?”

Joy greeted me with a smile. “Oh, pretty good, just playing with Coconut and Snowy. Oh, Coconut! Don’t pretend to nibble on Snowy so – he doesn’t like that!”

IMG_8295I sat down besides her and giggled as Coconut gave me some puppy kisses. :)

IMG_8296“Wow, Snowy is so soft!” I said as I felt his fur. “He’s such a cute stuffed animal.” I thought I saw Joy hide a secretive grin at Snowy, which was totally weird, but then she told me, “Yes, he is a very cute stuffed animal.”

IMG_8297Coconut ran over to sniff at some bag Joy had. “Hey, where’d you get this stuff?” I asked, just now noticing her sleeping bag and other bag.

IMG_8298Joy paused for a moment, then quickly changed the subject and offered me some pizza. “Yeah, sure!” I grinned, drawing a blank. That pizza was SO good.

IMG_8299Well, Joy and I chatted for a bit after our pizza, me asking one more time where she got the stuff. “Let’s just say I went on an adventure and brought it back with me. Rather, quite a few adventures.” I saw the secretive grin again, and now I was REALLY curious. “Adventures? Where? When? HOW? And why do you keep grinning like that?”

IMG_8300Then I saw the secret signal from Josefina, meaning it was time to get back. Oh dear, I thought, forgetting about Joy momentarily. I better stop those two from killing each other. I giggled as I stood up and told Joy I had to leave.

IMG_8301I picked up Coconut and walked a little ways back to where Josefina was, then stopped, set Coco on the ground, and whispered this: “Go find Jocelyn, Coconut. It’s time for another mystery to be solved with Detective Jocelyn and Dr. Coconut.” (click here for their first case) Coconut seemed to understand completely, for he barked in agreement and scampered off to where the Mini Dolls where.