IMG_8240YES! A photostory! Finally, right? This will be written in Joy’s POV. OK, here we go:

IMG_8241I could hear whispers coming from the circle of my friends up ahead. There they are! My mind excitingly exclaimed to itself. I’ve been looking for them everywhere. I’m so bored!

IMG_8242I walked down the hall towards them.

IMG_8243“Hey guys!” I exclaimed.

IMG_8245A few girls jumped and turned to face me quickly. “Joy! Um, hi! How long have you been standing th–” Cécile was cut off by Jasmine. “What do you need? We’re kind of busy.”

IMG_8246“I was, um, hoping we could do something together,” I told her awkwardly. “I’m really bored.”

IMG_8247“You know, Joy, sometimes it’s good to have some alone time. Besides, we’re really busy.” Cécile told me.

IMG_8248“Well can I help?”

IMG_8249“No,” Josefina, my BFF, spoke up quickly. That kind of hurt my feelings.

IMG_8250“I, um, guess I’ll be leaving then,” I sighed, getting the clue they didn’t want me around.

I walked off slowly, feeling lonely.

And neglected.

And rejected.

And sad.

IMG_8251I sat on the windowsill with my awesome incredible fluffy polar bear stuffed animal thing I got for Christmas. I knew it wasn’t real, but I felt like telling all my thoughts and secrets to it anyways.

IMG_8253All of the sudden, my polar bear, Snowy, moved! “You know, they’re actually working on something for you,” Snowy spoke. He SPOKE.

IMG_8254I let out a scream and dropped it. “IT’S ALIVE!” I screeched.

IMG_8255“Hey! Watch it!” Snowy said, sitting himself right-side up. “You’re a talking doll, I’m a talking bear. What’s the difference?”

IMG_8257I clasped my hand over my mouth in shock. “Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry! Are you OK?” I asked him.

IMG_8258“Who, me? I’m stuffed! Of course I’m okay!” that adorable little polar bear said, jumping on my head. (That rhymed ^_^)

IMG_8259“If you’re all stuffing…how can you talk?” I asked, curious.

“Who said I was all stuffing? I have a heart. A stuffing heart. A magical fairy a long time ago put magic in my heart. I was afraid to show you I was alive until this very moment. You are so lonely. And I am a very great companion.” Snowy answered proudly.

“You are SO cute!” I gushed. He was all-the-way-around adorable.

“Thank you.”

IMG_8260“Do you want to go someplace magical?” Snowy asked me, looking at me with those adorable eyes. How could I say no to anything he asked me? Besides, a magical place sounded fun!

“Yes, of course,” I told him.

IMG_8261“Okay…close your eyes and think about turnips!” Snowy directed me, jumping down from my head and onto my lap.

“What?” I asked. Turnips?

“Just do it.”

I closed my eyes and thought about turnips – what an odd shape they were, and how good they tasted cooked with cinnamon (Molly gave me the recipe!!)

All of the sudden, I felt my stomach lurch as if I was floating. “Just keep your eyes closed!” Snowy reminded me. I held him tight. I felt weird…You know, that feeling you get when you’re on top of a rollercoaster? Or on an airplane? Or on the moon? Well, ok, you probably haven’t been on the moon. But I felt this weird anti-gravity feeling….

IMG_8262“Okay, open your eyes!” Snowy told me.

My stomach felt normal once again, and I opened my eyes. I was sitting on a pretty sleeping bag looking thing, and there was Snowy, staring off into the distance. I gasped – had he turned back into a lifeless stuffed animal again?

IMG_8265I soon realized by his question, “What do you think of this marvelous view?” that he hadn’t. I followed his gaze and took in a deep breath. “Wow, we’re so high up! Where are we?” I asked.

“Someplace magical, of course,” Snowy answered, smiling.

IMG_8266“Hey, are you getting hungry? I have a bag here with some snacks!” Snowy asked me.

“Now that you mention it, Lunch was a couple of hours ago. Transporting to magical places works up a bit of an appetite…sure, what do you have in there?” I agreed.

IMG_8267He unzipped it with his mouth and asked me, “Would you mind looking in there and grabbing whatever you want out? I can’t exactly grasp things. No thumbs.”

IMG_8268I smiled, and pulled out two plates, a baggy with two slices of pizza in it, and then Snowy discovered an orange he said looked good. I set it all up and declared, “Dig in!”

Snowy ate the pizza like I imagine a dog would. Except not as vigorous or quickly.

IMG_8269I took a few bites of my pizza than asked, “So, if you’re all stuffing – well, all stuffing and a little stuffing heart – how do you eat regular pizza?”

“Oh, this isn’t regular pizza. It’s magical pizza.” Snowy answered. When he saw the look on my face, he added quickly, “It’s just like your doll food – it’s only edible for dolls. It complies with your stuffing stomachs and digestive systems.” Relieved that I wasn’t eating a strange UFO (unidentified food object), Snowy and I enjoyed some nice chit chat. He was SO adorable, and, he told me that my friends were working on something nice for me! He knew this because, well, stuffed animals do a lot of listening.

IMG_8270After the pizza, we had cupcakes! “You can have the girly one,” Snowy offered sweetly, pointing his nose towards the pink-and-red one. I smiled at his cuteness, and bit into my cupcake. “Mmmm!” I licked my lips. “This is delicious!”

IMG_8271“What kind of cupcake is this?” I asked.

“Vanilla. Yours is with raspberry and strawberry icing. Mine is vanilla as well, except it has blueberry icing.” Snowy answered, gulping his cupcake down in one bite.

IMG_8272After our scrumptious snack, I laid down on the sleeping bag with Snowy and watched the view. The cool wind brushed against his fur calmingly, and I felt my eyes become heavy.

IMG_8273IMG_8274At last, I drifted off to sleep.







IMG_8275I awoke with a start. I took a moment or two to realize my surroundings. Where was the magical balcony place? Where was SNOWY?!

IMG_8276I glanced around until I found him, laying down with his cute – but blank and lifeless – look on his face.. “Oh, no!” I groaned when I realized what had happened. I had only dreamt that my beloved, adorable little polar bear was alive!

IMG_8277I stood up slowly, my heart sad.

IMG_8278But as I took a step forward to get down from the windowsill, I felt something odd underneath the place I was about to put my foot down.

IMG_8279It was the plate Snowy and I had ate on.

I glanced back at him again – this time, I thought I saw him wink at me.

I smiled, wondering when my next adventure with Snowy would be.


What do you think the girls were doing for Joy?