IMG_2668“Hot salty broth? Check. Favorite crackers? Check. Plenty of Kleenex Tissues? Check,” I mumbled to myself, making sure I had everything.

IMG_2670“I sure hope Mama feels better soon,” I sighed to myself, thinking of my sniffling, coughing and sneezing mother.

IMG_2671Oh, hey, DWOD readers! Mama’s caught seasonal allergies and is feeling just awful. She said to tell you girls she was really sorry she couldn’t post something neat today – She had a cute post of Chloe solving a mystery planned, but she’s feeling just too under the weather. I’m making a tray to take to her and hopefully it will bring a smile to her weary face.

She’s feeling a little stressed, too, because she has a gymnastics workout today and has to prepare offering messages and Bible drills for church. Definitely no fun, especially when you’re feeling sick.

IMG_2669Well, I’m off to find a human to take this to Mama. I don’t think I could carry this to her without spilling and crashing everything because it’s bigger than me!

Prayerswould be very much appreciated for Mama, especially for tomorrow. She has video announcements to make for her kids church early in the morning, and so she really needs to be feeling better by then. Also pray that she gets her offering messages and Bible drills done soon and without stress, and that they rock the house and encourage her kids church!

Madison will definitely post the next Mini Doll Monday, feeling good or not, so you’ll have a new post then. Unless some catastrophic crisis happens and we don’t have wifi. :P


Cécile Rey