Bonjour, everyone! Cecile here! Today, I set up a lemonade stand, hoping to make a little cash. It always helps to have some bills on hand, right?! Plus, this particular September day was SO hot, I just knew all of my friends would love some lemonade!

lemon2“Oh my gosh, Cecile, you’re selling LEMONADE?!?!!!!” Jasmine cried, shocked. Lemonade was her favorite food/drink. “I’LL TAKE SOME!!!” She pulled out a dollar out of her pocket and handed it to me. “Alrighty!” I exclaimed. “One cup of lemonade, coming up!”

lemon3“Pink is my favorite color! Thanks so much, Cece!” Jasmine cried, grabbing her cup of lemonade. “No problem,” I laughed. It was nice to see Jasmine in a good mood! ;)

lemona4“I hope Jasmine will tell our friends!” I said to myself. “I made a lot of lemonade!”

lemon5Sure enough, before long, Molly, Emilie, and Josefina formed a long line outside my stand, holding up dollar bills. “Lemonade!!!” they cried. I gave them all the lemonade they could drink! (they had to pay for it, of course! ;) )

lemon6I made $16 (sixteen dollars) today! It was even better when I made it with friends!

How did you spend your day today?


:D Cecile :D

(oh, and, we FINALLY got the Awesome August video up and running! Go back a post to see it!)