rollerskate“Well?” Emilie asked. “Are you ready?!” I grinned, pulling out the roller skates. “Yep!” I exclaimed. Coconut barked. “Woof, woof!” Emilie and I giggles. “Coco’s ready too! Come on!” Emilie laughed.

rollerskate2“Okay,” I laughed as Emilie pulled out the socks.

rollerskate3We both put a sock on. “Ahh….ahh…OOOF!” I cried, falling backward, my leg sticking up into the are like a cockroach. “This sock is hard to get on!” Emilie glanced at me and chuckled. “Hurry up, Molly, it’s getting hot!” I giggled, looking over at Coconut. “My other shoe!” I cried. “COCONUUUUUT!” But, how could I get mad at her, she looked so stinkin’ CUTE!

rollerskate4“You ready to do this?!” Emilie asked me. “Ready!” I cried. “WOOF!” Coconut barked. “Let’s go!” I cried.

rollerskate5Zoooom! Off we went! Since I only had one pair of roller-skates, Emilie and I decided to share them! We’d push off with one foot and roll on the other! Clever, huh? Yep! It’s the pure genius inside of me!! hehe…. ;) “Look at Coconut go!” Emilie laughed, huffing and puffing behind me. “Run, Coco, run!” I giggled, skating faster. She was fast!!


rollerskate7“Woah—woah–WOAHHHH!” Emilie cried, teetering on her skate. She toppled into the grass from the sidewalk. “Ahhhhh!” I cried, following her.  Coconut ran over to us, licking Emilie to make sure she was OK. Laughing, we sat up and looked at each other. “I’m not hurt,” Emilie said. “Me neither,” I replied. “I reckon I’m all here!”

rollerskate8“THAT was fun!” Emilie exclaimed, grabbing her other shoe and taking off her skate. “Beyond fun!” I laughed, slipping off my sock and handing it to Emilie.

rollerskate9Especially since I spent it with my best friend.” 

How did you spend your day today? Safety tip! We aren’t fast on roller-skates, and we didn’t wear helmets. ALWAYS wear YOUR safety gear when going for a ride! ALWAYS!

~Live, love, and ladybugs,

Molly and Emilie!

P.S. Today is 9/11. Please send a special prayer to all the families who have lost a loved one.