*These events happened yesterday*

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY CÉCILE!” Came a chorus of giggly dolls as I snapped the picture. “Can we swim now, mom?” the birthday girl asked. I checked the picture real quick. “Yes! Have fun!”


IMG_4962Josie and Jaz were a little weary of the big pool, (well, it was big to them ;) .) and decided to just to “sun-tan in the shade.”

IMG_4964But Ellie and Emelie decided to wade in the shallow end.

IMG_4963“The water is so cold!” Emelie laughed. “It feels good when it’s cold,” Ellie added, splashing around a bit.

IMG_4965But Cécile and Molly liked diving in the deep end.

“Ready, Molls?”

“The real question is, are you?”

IMG_4966“You bet I am.”

“Three!” Molly shouted.

“Two!” Cécile added.

“ONE!!!” They yelled together.

IMG_4967Then they dove into the crystal clear water.


IMG_4969After an hour or so of swimming, the girls settled down to some cupcakes and pink lemonade. (Jaz and Josie had muffins).

IMG_4971IMG_4972IMG_4973After they ate, Molly dragged out a bag of GIFTS!

IMG_4974There was a beautiful felt flower clip from Emelie! (go to for the tutorial on how to make one.)

IMG_4976There was also a green one from Josefina!

IMG_4977Jasmine gave Cécile her favorite turquoise-pearl beaded necklace.

IMG_4978And Ellie gave her decorative “sea-shells”.

IMG_4979And last but certainly not least, Molly gave Cécile a beautiful braided felt bracelet!

IMG_4980Here is the birthday girl with all her birthday goodies!

After some more playtime in the sun and pool, the girls came in.

IMG_4981Molly, Josefina, and Jasmine changed into some different clothes.

IMG_4989But Ellie and Emelie stayed in theirs, because only their feet got wet. :-)

IMG_4991“Hey guys!” Cécile came in with a bag of supplies. “The party’s not over yet…”

IMG_4992“What’s in here…”


With that, every single girl shrieked (even Molly, and she’s not that much of a girly girl) because all the DWOD dolls love doing hair.

IMG_4994So they stationed themselves, with three girls doing hair, and three girls getting their hair done.

IMG_4995Jasmine is re-curling Cécile’s hair.

IMG_4996Josie is brushing through Emelie’s hair.

IMG_4997And Molly is blow-drying Ellie’s hair to make it messier. “He he he. This is getting funner already.”

IMG_4998Ellie was NOT a fan of the messy look, so Molly quickly decided to straighten out her hair. ;)

IMG_5004Here is Ellie’s hairstyle…

IMG_5003Here is Emelie’s hairstyle…

IMG_5005Here is the birthday girl’s hairstyle! Isn’t she gorgeous? :-) Happy birthday CéCé.

IMG_5007Jasmine declared her hair already to be perfect and didn’t want anyone messing it up, but she wanted pictures of it taken anyways.


IMG_5010Here is Josie’s hairstyle.

IMG_5011And last but certainly not least, Molly’s hairstyle! I made her take her hair down for her photo (these are my doll’s new profile pictures, and I wanted all of their hair down).

IMG_5012But at soon as it was taken, she immediately braided it. Braids are her favorite hairstyle, and she keeps her hair in them to preserve her hair. :-)

IMG_5014After that, a few girls pulled out some cards while the rest went to “Grab a surprise.”

IMG_5015“I hope I win,” Ellie said as Josefina opened the cards.

IMG_5016None of them could shuffle cards, so they just dumped them on the floor and shuffled them that way. XD

IMG_5017Ellie’s got a few pairs already…


“I WIN!!!! MWAHAAAAA!!!!!” All the cards were thrown in the air in celebration.

Hurray, Ellie. ;)

IMG_5019“We’re back!” Molly said. The girls had blankets, but they ended up being too small. Some bigger blankets were needed to build…

IMG_5021A FORT!!!!

IMG_5022The girls said it was very comfy in the fort. :-)

IMG_5023Then they all watched a movie in their forts before sleeping! ^_^