IMG_4856So your very short-haired doll like Kit or Ivy wants to have her hair up, but you don’t know how to do that? Perhaps you’re been trying to do an up-do on your doll’s short hair for a while but just haven’t found the right way?

IMG_4875Well, not to worry. With this very easy how-to, your short-haired dolls will love their new look!

IMG_4868For this, you’ll need a hair band (or two) and some bobby-pins (you can use as many as you want, but I only end up needing about four every time.).

IMG_4869First, make a ponytail – it can be at any height, high or low, because whatever hair falls out you’ll bobby pin up, but that part comes later.

IMG_4870You’ll end up with something like…uh…like this.

IMG_4871Now, take the hair that is sticking out and bobby pin it up, like this. You’ll need about 2+ bobby-pins for this.

IMG_4872Take the remaining hair and separate it into two parts.

IMG_4873Pin one side up towards the hair-band:

IMG_4874Now the other side.

IMG_4875You can use another hairband around her head (if it’s big enough) for that extra touch. :-)

Continue pinning up extra hairs if you need to, and there you have it!

IMG_4876Ellie waves bye!

I hope you enjoyed! Let me know if you do this hairstyle on your doll and if it turned out OK! :-)