Hello! Madison here! I just checked my number of posts today…I have 300! This is my 301st! Thank you so much for reading this site, and even commenting and sharing about it. This site means a lot to me and you girls mean even more! Thank you so much for really making Delightful World of Dolls were it is today, YOU ARE AWESOME!!

So a couple of weeks ago my dad bought the ‘Isabelle’s Dance Studio’ app game for the iPad, iPhone, ect. It is soo fun… I thought I’d share some screenshots I took of it with you guys!

Izzy1Right from the start it looks so fun!

Izzy 2You tap the star….

Izzy 3to send it flying…

Izzy4To tap it as much as you can to get more points! Every once in a while, gems appear and when the stars fall down on them, it fills up in your star-burst bar in the top-right corner of the screen. When it fills up, tap it to send all the stars off the screen – which really comes in handy sometimes! There are special stars you can tap to help you – like one you tap can put a bouncy covering on the floor so you can let the star fall without getting a big GAME OVER!

Izzy 6But if you let it fall on the floor…Whoops! Game over! It can get tricky.

Izzy5Nice moves, Isabelle!

Izzy7This is my high score! I’m still working on beating it.

Do you like the new game so far? Do you have it? If you do, what’s your high score? :D