IMG_4468Hi everyone! The Jazzy Jasmine here! Today is the first day of March. It really feels like spring weather today!

IMG_4469Open up your door….and your heart…to the outdoors!

IMG_4470It’s really quite gorgeous outside toda–Wait a second, that flower would look LOVELY in my hair!

IMG_4471It goes PERFECTLY with my outfit! it’s just perfect!

IMG_4472Oh don’t I look lovely? Of course I do!

IMG_4473I love just hanging out, enjoying this quiet spot with wonderful weather. In this gorgeous moment and say a small prayer of thanks to God for such a beautiful day.

IMG_4474What’s your favorite thing about spring? (ooh, that rhymed! Thing, spring, get it?) Have any aspirations for March?

P.S. Madison here! It’s true, it’s GORGEOUS outside today! HERE IS A CHALLENGE FOR YOU – If it’s pretty where you live too, go outside, run around, and come back in! Comment below and tell us if you have completed the challenge. Ready? set? GO! :)