IMG_4904(in tiny squeaky voice) Hey! I’m up here!

IMG_4905(normal voice now) Oh, OK that’s better. Hello everyone! Celina here! Today I’m going outside, but that’s a bit of a challenge considering everything is HUGE to me!

IMG_4907Somehow, I don’t know how, I managed to climb up onto the rails and slide down! (Madison’s note – whoops. My finger got in the way. My crop isn’t working so I can’t edit that out, sorry about that :p)

IMG_4908It was quite a fall from the end of the rail to the bottom of the stairs, but I managed! Now, where do I go next?

IMG_4909Of course. I take the long journey across the foyer floor. (Somebody could turn that into a tongue twister! Foyer floor, foyer floor, foyer floor..)

IMG_4910Into the nursery! Apparently, this door is WAY to heavy for me to open, but it must’ve of been my luck day because someone just happened to be going outside the same time as myself, so I got a free ride outside!

IMG_4911Yay! Outdoors at last!

IMG_4912Look at these HUGE flowers! Well, to you they might be tiny but to me, they seem as big as sunflowers!


IMG_4914Aww, look at these tiny purple ones! These are just my size!

IMG_4915This dandelion is GIGANTIC! I don’t really want to believe they’re actually weeds, they’re too pretty to be weeds.

IMG_4917Just lounging in the yellow flowers…

IMG_4918A very bright close-up!

IMG_4919Oooh! More purple flowers, but these are a different kind!

IMG_4920Wow. That was so fun, discovering all those different GIANT flowers! Which ones where our favorite? he tiny purple ones, the slightly larger purple ones, the dandelion, or the tiny yellow ones? And, what do you think of my new hair-style – braids!? :)