Hi everyone! Madison here! Cécile volunteered to pose for the ending results of the Party Hat today. Yup, that’s what we’re making today at Creative Craft Corner – a party hat! This craft is just a bit more difficult than some of my other ones, so adult there to help you would be great.

IMG_4927You will need:

•A large, plain paper plate
•Clear tape or glue (I used hot glue since I couldn’t find my clear tape. Or any tape for that matter.haha)
•Tinsel or multi-colored yarn, braiding corn, string, or anything like that.
•Crayons, markers, paints, stickers, anything to decorate with!
•And of course, and adults permission and help. This craft can be very messy, so it’s important to have a covered work area. I did not think of that until now… :o

IMG_4928Take your scissors and cut your paper plate directly in half. (you might need an adults help)

IMG_4929Now, decorate the outside of your paper plate!

IMG_4930I like this bubbly design.

IMG_4931Now take the two edges of the paper plate and pull them together. It will form a point at the top of the party hat.

IMG_4932Slide the ends together, and tape or glue them together, making sure there’s a little opening at the top. (this can be tricky. Like I said, an adult would be very helpful to assist you in this craft.)

IMG_4933Overlap the edges some if the party hat seems to big to fit nicely on your doll’s head.

IMG_4934Our party hat is almost done! (oops,I realized  the hole at the top of mine was too big when the hot glue had already cooled and dried. Make sure yours is just a little bit smaller.

IMG_4935Now take a section of your tinsel or colored string or yarn or whatnot and tape the ends altogether. Please tell you me taped it, because it will be SO much easier this way!

IMG_4936Unfortunately, I had to tie mine together with another piece of tinsel. See how messy it is at the bottom? It’s going to be hard to get it in the that this way.

IMG_4937Now stick the end of your tinsel/string/yarn or whatnot into the hole in the top of the hat. If you used tape to bind the ends together, this should not be hard.

IMG_4938My tinsel was too long, so I might trim it later. It looks like a sorry sight since I didn’t have tape. LOL. They look much better here (except the pattern was from AG):

IMG_4939Yay! Your party hat is complete. Make as many as you want so all of your dolls can have a party.


P.S. If you made this craft, tell me! I would love to know.