Madison here, and….Hip, hip, hooray, it’s Celina’s BIRTHDAY! Well, belated birthday. I didn’t feel all that good yesterday so I wasn’t able to post these pictures of her birthday party. But….I’m feeling GREAT today and here they are!

IMG_4479The room her friends told her they’d be at was all dark and Celina couldn’t see a thing. Was this just a trick? Why did her friends want to meet with her, anyways? And why hadn’t they said a THING about HER BIRTHDAY all day? Celina was a tad bit pouty as she stepped up to the room. “No one here,” she grumbled. As she turned to go..

IMG_4480“SURPRISE!!!!!!” In a flash, the lights turned on, two girls jumped out and and Celina stepped back. “Molly-Anne! Jocelyn! What’s all this?” Celina asked, looking at the pretty decorations and gifts on the table. “Happy Birthday Celina!” they both chorused. “You remembered!” Celina smiled. “Of course! Who could forget your birthday?” Molly-Anne grinned. “You sit your cutie patootie right down there and open up your presents!” Jocelyn urged.

IMG_4483Molly-Anne scrambled to get her present. “Open mine first, Celina! I really think you’ll like it!”

IMG_4484“Okay! Thank you Molly-Anne!” Celina said, accepting the present.

*rip, rip*

IMG_4485“A headband! And it’s polka-dotted! I ADORE POLKADOTS! Thank you Molly-Anne!” Celina cried.

IMG_4486Molly-Anne just smiled as Celina tried the headband on. “It fits! Thank you, Molly-Anne.”

IMG_4487“Okay! My turn! Open this one. I hope you like it. Jasmine helped me hot-glue it together since I don’t know how to sew.”

IMG_4488Riiip. Soon the package was opened…

IMG_4489“A beautiful polka-dotted shirt to go with my polka-dotted headband! Thank you SO much Jocelyn! It’s beautiful! I’m going to try it on right now!” Celina said.

IMG_4490Celina came back less than a minute later, a frown on her face. “It doesn’t fit,” she said somberly. “I can barely get it over my head.”

IMG_4491“I’m sorry Celina…I have nothing to give you for your birthday!” Jocelyn was upset, holding back tears. “Oh Jocci, it’s ok! You don’t have to get me a present! Birthdays aren’t JUST about presents.”

IMG_4492“But I want to give you something…I know! The gift of friendship!” Standing up to give her friend a hug, Jocelyn squeezed Celina tight. “Thanks Jocelyn! That is the best gift you could give me!” Celina smiled.

IMG_4493“Hurray for friendship!” Molly-Anne said. “This one is from the big dolls and Madison, the big doll’s mom.”

IMG_4494“A DOLL?!!!! MY VERY OWN DOLL!” Everyone stuck their fingers in their ears as soon as they saw Celina’s mouth open. Squealing with excitement, she hugged her doll. “I’ve always wanted one! Tell the big dolls and Madison thank you!!” Celina cried. Even though it was only made out of cheap yarn and hair elastics, it was special to Celina because it was made with love.

IMG_4495“GROUP HUG!!!” They said…okay, more like dog pile.

IMG_4496Celina set her prized possession on the table before running off to play Pin the Bow on the Present.

IMG_4497“Uhh…are you sure you know what you’re doing?” Celina asked as Molly-Anne put a bow with a piece of tape on it in her hand and Jocelyn blind-folded her, then spun her around. “Of course, just pin the bow on the present. The instructions are right in the name.” “But I can’t SEE!” “You’re not supposed too. That’s what makes it fun. OKay, that’s enough spinning. READY SET GO!”

IMG_4498Her friends cheered her on with, “A LITTLE TO THE LEFT!” “Are you kidding? She needs to go right.” “No, left.” “WATCH OUT CELINA DON’T PUT IT THERE!” “UP! UP!” “what? She needs to go down.” “Uhh, no she needs to go up–WAIT, STOP RIGHT THERE!” “THERE! THERE! STICK IT THERE!”

IMG_4499Taking off her blindfold, Celina was relieved to see she placed the bow just perfect on the present! Her friends congratulated her. After everyone had a turn playing Pin the Bow on the Present…

IMG_4500It was time for birthday pizza! Nope, no cake this time. Jocelyn and Molly-Anne made a mess in the kitchen last time they tried to make toast, so the big dolls figured a cake wasn’t a good idea. They ordered pizza instead. :)

IMG_4501Happy Birthday Celina! :)

Well, belated birthday..