IMG_4503‘Ello, there, good people and dollies of the earth! Emilie here! Today I was reading ‘A Surprise Find’, an Innerstar University book by AG!

IMG_4504It’s all about helping other people with a big clothing drive. Depending on the choices you make, you might lose a bracelet, make a friend, see an old one, but altogether, you learn that helping out on that big clothing drive for kids who don’t have many clothes was wonderful.

IMG_4505I was doing some thinking…and….I realized you don’t have to be part of a great big group or organization to show acts of kindness and make someone’s day!

IMG_4506Look all around you. There are people hurting. There are people who need help. Why wait to be part of something big and well-known? Look around  – what can YOU do to be of some service? What about your mom carrying all those groceries? What about your dad and his cluttered office? Your siblings with their homework? An elderly lady struggling to open a door? A young woman with an upset baby, being pulled in ten different directions? There are SOOOO many ways to be a BIG help to people! And it’s so SIMPLE!

IMG_4507Going to bring some flowers, visit, and share a smile to someone who broke a bone or something of the sort is what I did today.

IMG_4508You could even go with a friend or group of friends!

IMG_4509One act of random kindness at a time can change the world. There are so many people hurting – even if they won’t show it – who need your love. Pray for them and visit with them, or even do one of their chores without telling them.(Psst – Madison here! That’s what I did or my brother today.) Sometimes, the kindness that can’t be seen or known are the ones that count most.

What can you do today to be a blessing?