Hey everybody! Celina here! Madison took some photos of me for a birthday photo shoot. Here are the photos!












For my birthday present, I got to be the first mini doll in our pool! It was too cold for me to swim, plus, Madison didn’t want to take off/ruin my fragile outfit for Runaway Princess. So I got to float instead! It was really fun!




Hey, everyone! Madi here! Ack, can you believe I forget Celina’s birthday yesterday? I was just soooo busy with our house. I finally got to sleep in my own room – the carpet was just laid! Slowly, but surely, our house is getting ready. We have five people working with us helping us remodel the house. My room is being painted, my dad is getting me a loft bed soon, raising the roof (literally!!) and re screening the lanai is a ton of work! My dolls are still in their little blanket bag thingy, crying, “Mommy! Help us! We are stuck and hot and we want to be unpacked!” Poor girls. As soon as my room gets it’s final paint and shelves are in my closet, I can start unpacking my immediate stuff.

Since my MacBook is packed with our stuff from the apartment, this post took forever to put together on my mom’s phone. But I did it! Well, until next time…


and Celina, the birthday girl!