I finally got a doll out today…they’re still packed with all our stuff in our living room, but hopefully I can get them all out soon and set up their corner/room/where they live. Hopefully that will be in a week, because, in exactly a week in Josefina’s birthday! I want to throw her a party on St. Patrick’s day though, so it can be St. Patrick themed. I have so many ideas, but, what if nothing’s ready in time? ughhhh it’s all so confusing!

Anyways, I took Josefina out for a mini photoshoot. Here are her photos!

IMG_8416IMG_8417 IMG_8418IMG_8419 IMG_8427 IMG_8426 IMG_8425 IMG_8424 IMG_8423 IMG_8422 IMG_8421 IMG_8420I like this last one. :)

Here are some edited photos.