Hi! Madison here! I finished the hotel room I was making for Celina quite a while ago, and realized I had never shown you the results! Celina wants to show you her room herself so…here she is! :)

Hi! Celina here! I get to stay in my very own hotel room! Isn’t that neat? The Mini Doll Hotel rocks!

IMG_4088I’m in room 219. (Madison here. Weird story, but sometimes when we’re taking my sister to and from Bible College from the holidays and stuff, we got the same room two times in a row….219!)

IMG_4089When you open up the door here, you see my cozy bean bag.

IMG_4090No matter what kind of day it is, I can always sit back and chillax in the warmth of my bean bag and feel relaxed and comfortable! Here is where I eat all my meals, too. Room service has the best food, from bacon and eggs to spaghetti and meatballs to chicken alfredo! Mmm-mmm!

IMG_4091Over here is the bathroom (notice half of everything is decorated with polka dot decor. I <3 POLKA DOTS!).

IMG_4092When company comes over(usually Molly-Anne and Jocelyn) and they need to use the bathroom they can just slide this thing over for privacy.

IMG_4093Oh, and the bed! Polka-dot everything! So comfy and comfortable, just like my beanbag.

IMG_4094When it gets chilly….the covers are handy! (well, that kinda rhymed. :p )

Well I hope you enjoyed my tour of my awesome hotel room!

Ta-ta, tootles and noodles!