Hi everyone! Madison here. I’m going to be narrating this photostory, called “Spring Cleaning.” Enjoy!

IMG_4104Molly stepped into her room, shaking her head at how messy it was. “I’ve really got to clean it up-“

IMG_4105Before she could utter another word, her foot slipped on her jacket!

IMG_4106“Wooooaaahhhh!” Molly cried, tumbling backwards.

IMG_4107Sweet Emilie happened to be passing by at that time. Hearing all the noise, Emilie walked through the open door to Molly’s room.

IMG_4108“You alright there, Olly Molly?” Emilie asked, helping her BFF up.

IMG_4109“Thanks,” Molly said, dusting herself off. “And yeah, I’m OK – it just startled me is all. But I think it’s time to do a little spring cleaning!”

IMG_4110Jasmine also happened to be walking by. “Woah,” she exclaimed, looking at the mess. “Hey Molls, whatcha up to?”

IMG_4111“Just doing some spring cleaning. Wanna help?” Molly replied.
“Cleaning up YOUR mess? Count me out!” Jasmine said with a flip of her hair.
“This is YOUR mess too, you know! Isn’t that your purple tote bag you left here last week? And your pink hair ribbon? And look over there, I see your–”
“OK, OK, I’ll help!” Jasmine interrupted, clearly annoyed. “Stop pointing out everyone’s flaws!”

IMG_4112Just then, Josefina came inside from horseback riding.

IMG_4113Always being one to bring peace to the house, she said, “You guys, stop fighting! No matter whose mess it was, if we all work together, we’ll get this job tackled in no time!”

IMG_4114Everyone agreed. Josefina pushed all the socks back into the suock bin.

IMG_4115Molly would hang the loose clothes on the hangers.

IMG_4116Emilie would fold up the clothing that wouldn’t fit on the hangers.

IMG_4117And Jasmine found all the stuff that was hers. :)

IMG_4118And they ALL found things they didn’t need anymore and were ready to be thrown away or given away! “Let’s take the trash outside and put all the other stuff into the ‘donate’ pile,” Molly suggested. “Great idea!” everyone chorused.

IMG_4119As soon as they came back, Jasmine heaved a huge “phew!” of relief and threw herself onto the beds dramatically. “I am SO tired! That was so much work!” “You hardly did any work,” Molly mumbled.

IMG_4120The strife was soon forgotten once Cécile set a platter of cupcakes and finger sandwiches and a tin of cookies and said, “Hey girls! I saw you cleaning and wanted to help, but I was too busy baking these for you guys. After all that teamwork, how about a snack?”

IMG_4121Jasmine sat up immediately at the word ‘snack’. She wasn’t tired anymore!

Soon everyone was happily munching and chatting.

IMG_4122“So Jazzy, I never heard where you where from,” Josefina pointed out. “Oh yeah, I’m from New Mexico.” Josefina dropped her cookie and cried out in surprise, “REALLY?! ME TOO!” Both the girls excitedly chattered about all their favorite things about New Mexico .

IMG_4123“Is there room for one more?” Emilie grinned, carrying her plate of cupcakes and cookies.

IMG_4124“Hey Cécile, could I have some milk with my snack?”

IMG_4125“Sure thing, Molls,” Cécile answered, pouring a glass of milk for her sister*.

IMG_4126Smile everyone!

Well I hope you enjoyed the photostory!

~Until Next Time~


*In case you are wondering, Molly, Josefina and Cécile are all adopted sisters. :)