Where we left off, Chloe was playing with her doll Christina. Coconut just died, but a young peasant woman took her in. What happens to Christina next? Find out now!


IMG_1113Christina awoke to the sound of Miss Montoya putting away a dish. Christina stretched and yawned.

IMG_1114Miss Montoya turned around. “Oh! Christy! Good morning! Your breakfast is on the table.”

IMG_1115Christina reluctantly walked over. An egg again? I know this lady is poor, but does she ever eat anything else? She wondered. Coconut would want me to help Miss Montoya… I’ll show her how it’s done!

IMG_1117“C’mon, Miss Montoya. It’s time for a lesson in food variety!”

IMG_1118“That there is paradise. The big AG dolls keep all their food there. Sometimes I would raid it – but Coconut would tell me it was stealing, so I stopped. But I think it will be okay just this once.” Christina felt a little guilty for not following what Coconut had said, but…well, I’m STARVING for something other than an egg!

IMG_1119“Christina! Stop!”

IMG_1125Christina threw herself onto the handle of the refrigerator.

IMG_1126“Bingo!” Christina grinned as she spied the cereal boxes. “Now how do I get ’em open?”

IMG_1127“Jack-pot! This one’s opened already!”

“CHRISTINA! Get down from there!”

Christina barely heard Miss Montoya over her licking lips.


IMG_1128Christina’s footing slipped and she landed face-first into the cereal box!

IMG_1129“DON’T MOVE! DON’T MOVE!” Miss Montoya cried as Christina’s desperate wiggling inched the cereal box closer and closer to the edge of the fridge. But her voice was muffled since Christina was inside the cereal box.

IMG_1130Christy kept trying to free herself, and the box came dangerously close to the edge.

IMG_1131“DON’T – oh, no!” Miss Montoya could barely watch, but she had to act fast. The box was falling!

Christina let out a peircing scream.

IMG_1133She fell out of the box, and it landed on the ground first.

IMG_1134But Chrtistina landed safely in Miss Montoya’s arms!

“OOF!” Miss Montoya cried as Christy threw her to the ground.

IMG_1135“Christina! Don’t you ever – EVER…” Miss Montoya was out of breath and couldn’t finish her sentence before Christy was scrambling to the next food option.

IMG_1136“There’s tons of goodies in here.”

IMG_1137“Care for a rainbow pop?”


“Picky, picky! Ooh – I know what you’re sure to like.”

IMG_1140“These blueberry muffins are so delicious! Want one?”

“NO! Christina, get back here right now!”IMG_1141“NO. WAY. COOKIES AND CUPCAKES?!”

Before Miss Montoya could say anything, Christy had already snatched one from the warm (thankfully not scorching hot!) oven.

IMG_1144“You have GOT to try this! It’s huge, and warm, and delicious, and I love it.”

IMG_1145Miss Montoya snatched the cookie out of Christy’s hands in rage. “CHRISTINA! NO, NO, NO! WE ARE NOT GETTING FOOD HERE!” Christy gasped when she threw the cookie away.

IMG_1146She then siezed Christy’s hand and marched her home.

IMG_1148“You!” Miss Montoya gasped, out of breath from the long march home. “You are…are… well, I’ll figure out your punishment later.

IMG_1149“For now, you will eat this egg I worked hard to earn and cook for you!”

IMG_1150Christy hung her head and silently ate her egg without a word. Coconut would not be pleased with me. I should have been grateful to eat anything this morning! Christina miserably realized to herself.

IMG_1151“Now, I’m already late for my seamstress job. Can you be a good girl – much more good than you have been – while I’m gone?” Miss Montoya asked.

IMG_1152Without waiting for an answer, Miss Montoya left quickly.

IMG_1155“She told me to be good, but she never said I couldn’t leave the house…”

To be continued!