IMG_0976Where we last left off, Miss Montoya is quite angry with Christina for rampaging through the big AG doll kitchen and nearly hurting herself. But Miss Montoya has left for work, and Christina has her own plans for how she’s going to spend the day…


IMG_1750“Oh, that child!” A young, inexperienced-with-children, and quite distraught Miss Montoya grumbled to herself. “I don’t know why I even took her in in the first place! How on earth am I going to train her out of her wild ways and into a young lady?”

IMG_1752It was quite a warm, autumn day for walking to work, and aside from being all angry, Miss Montoya was panting hard as she stomped to her seamstress job she was going to be late for, thank to Christy!

IMG_1753Miss Montoya turned when she saw her friend, Rosemary, come running to meet her.

“Oh, Susi! I have been waiting forever for you. Now we will both be late. Tell me, what took you so long?” Faithful Rosemary never went to the seamstress job her and Susi Montoya had without her friend. They always walked together, but now that Susi was late, Rosemary was, too.

IMG_1754Rosemary caught up with Susi, who did not wait for her. “Susi! Whatever is the matter?” Rosemary asked in bewilderment as to why her friend was so sour.

IMG_1756“You can tell me, Susi. I am your friend!”

IMG_1757“Oh, Rosemary. I have taken in an orphan child and I know nothing about raising children whatsoever! I’m only nineteen! She’s so used to living in her wild ways. Today she roped me in to going food scavagin with her. She just doesn’t listen to me whenever I tell her to stop!” Susi blurt out without hardly taking a breath.

IMG_1759Then she stopped to turn and face Rosemary. “I don’t know if I can do it, but I can’t turn her out again! I don’t know I will do next!” Susi’s eyes swam with tears.

IMG_1762Then she hurried off without waiting for Rosemary, a tear or two escaping down her cheek.

IMG_1764“Wait! Susi! I had the answer for you!”

IMG_1765“Stop, stop! Listen to me,” Rosemary took a breath before continuing, “Send the girl to school. Without an education, she won’t be able to get a good job. Plus, in school she will be taught discipline – She should behave better.”

IMG_1766It dawned on Susi Montoya clear in the face. Why hadn’t she thought of that before? Why, this could solve practically everything. She’d work harder to provide Christina with a proper bed and maybe even build a little desk for her to work on homework… Susi’s mind raced at the thought. She felt relieved, excited, and a little nervous.

IMG_1767Susi threw her arms around Rosemary, thanking her over and over and apologizing for being so grouchy.

IMG_1769Then the two friends walked down the road to work for a few moments before breaking into a run, or they’d be late!


IMG_1771“I’m free! Ha! Ha!” Laughed Christina as she burst out of the house and into the outdoors.

IMG_1772IMG_1773She turned cartwheels on the ground and enjoyed the fresh air. It had been long since she had been in the great outdoors…Plus, Miss Montoya would be gone quite a while, supposedly. She could do whatever she wanted!

IMG_1774She took off running through the grass happily.

IMG_1775Weird grass bits clung to her as she sprinted gleefully but she did not care. She simply brushed off the annoyances and continued to play around.

IMG_1776That’s when she spotted it.

Fallen tree pieces. Why, those would make great climbing obstacles! Think of the fun!

IMG_1777She tore through across the backyard and stopped before the stump, breathing hard. She rested only a brief moment before pulling herself up.

IMG_1778She climbed higher and higher, harder and harder, to eventually crawling with all the strength she had for it was too steep to stand.

IMG_1779IMG_1780She finally reached something she could hold on to, and with a tight grip on the piece of wood, she turned around.

IMG_1781IMG_1782“Not high enough!” She decided.

IMG_1783So she kept going until she reached the top.

IMG_1784It took all of her strength and great physicla exertion to get up, but she did it.

IMG_1786“Oh, my!” Christy breathed.

IMG_1785“The world is beautiful.”

IMG_1788The sun began to sink lower in the sky, and Christy knew it was about time for supper. Miss Montoya would be back any minute now, so she hurriedly scrambled down.

Have I really been outside for this long? She wondered as she began the long walk home.

IMG_1787“Oh, well. I better get on home.” She took off again with new energy to beat Miss Montoya home, but little did she know what news awaited her…

To be continued!

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