~Told in the POV of Jasmine~

FullSizeRender-1It was unlike any ordinary day.

It was October 7th.

The day before my birthday.

But nobody seemed to remember what tomorrow was! “Now, Jasmine,” I told myself. “It’s going to be like it is in the movies. They’re going to pretend they forget and then they have a surprise party for you.”

FullSizeRender-4I peeked in the kitchen to see Cécile mixing up some dough – for cookies or cupcakes, probably. For my party, yes.


FullSizeRender-3I watched for for a while.

FullSizeRender-7She had sugar, flour, salt, and a little yeast out. She had already put the eggs away, I assumed, since there were egg peices on the counter where she had broken them to put into the dough – but where was the butter?

Right as I thought that, she turned around.

FullSizeRender-5“I forgot the butter!” She exclaimed to herself. That’s when she saw me!

“What on earth are you doing, Jaz?” She laughed. She didn’t jump in surprise like I thought she would when she saw me. That made me nervous. If you’re making a suprise for someone, and they find out, you’d usually jump or be surprised. But Cécile was highly amused.

FullSizeRender-8“I was just coming in,” I mumbled uneasily. I’m a terrible liar

FullSizeRender-14“So, um, why are you baking?” I asked as she reached in to grab the butter.

FullSizeRender-9She stared at me blankly. “Didn’t you hear?” She chuckled. “Molly-Anne’s birthday is on the 10th. These cupcakes and cookies I’m baking are for her party.

Molly-Anne’s birthday! I raged. What about MINE?

I left in a huff, and wandered around the house. I heard noises coming from the living room, and wasn’t prepared for what I saw next.

FullSizeRender-12It was Ellie! On a stage!

FullSizeRender-10She was dancing!

FullSizeRender-11I had never see her dance! And she was AMAZING! Was this like a hidden talent or something?

FullSizeRender-13“Hey Ellie! Do you know what tomorrow is?” I hinted.

“Do I know why I borrowed your fizz?!” She shouted above her earphones.


Did I show what sorrow is?! You really think my dancing is that bad? This lyrical dance is supposed to be happy! Gee whiz, Jasmine!”

I sighed in frustration.

FullSizeRender-16I ripped an earphone out.

FullSizeRender-17“Do you know what tomorrow is?!” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s October eighth.”

“Anything special happening on that day?” I hinted strongly. Ellie looked at me strangely.

“Yeah, we’re going shopping for Molly-Anne’s birthday presents.” She answered.

“Anything else?” I quizzed.

“Oh, yeah, we get our test results from Madison. If I get an A, my allowance gets raised!”

“Anything else?

“I think it’s Pizza Night. I hope Madison orders Hawaiian this time.”

“ANYTHING ELSE?!!!” I screamed.

FullSizeRender-18“No, I don’t think so. And why are you shouting? You practically ripped my ears out along with my earphones! I can hear you just fine.” Ellie shook her head as if I was a silly child.

FullSizeRender-19“Well, I never!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands up in the air. Frustrated, I stomped away from her stage, leaving a bewildered Ellie behind.

Everyone had truly no idea that tomorrow was my birthday! I was very hurt. I thought they were my friends. And they just forgot my birthday? Just like that?

How could they?

FullSizeRenderThe next day, the only person who remembered was Madison. She took me outside for a birthday photoshoot. And while I enjoyed the spotlight, attention, and bonding time with Madison, I was still offended that nobody else had remembered my birthday.

Well, besides my doll, Jocelyn. She woke me up by softly and sweetly singing “Happy birthday to youuu…” in my ear. That melted my heart, and I gave her a big hug.

FullSizeRender-20When I came in, all hot and sweaty from modeling in the sun, I saw Molly-Anne’s birthday party taking place. “That’s funny. I guess they decided to celebrate it a day earlier…”

But it was weird, because I didn’t see any of the cookies and cupakes Cécile was baking…

FullSizeRender-23From the looks of it, Molly-Anne recieved a cat toy, a little doll, and the sky-blue hairbrush I bought for her.

FullSizeRender-27When I came out from behind the closet, I had changed out of the dress I was in for the photoshoot and into something much cooler.

FullSizeRender-22I took a few steps and gasped.

FullSizeRender-25“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”

FullSizeRender-24“So you hadn’t forgotten!” I gasped, happily. “You were all so convincing! I had literally thought…”

My voice was drowned out as everyone started to sing “Happy Birthday” and sit down to enjoy the goodies.

FullSizeRender-26Cookies and cupcakes…Yum, yum, YUM!

FullSizeRender-28“Can I have first pick?”

“Of course, you’re the birthday girl!” Chloe answered my question.

FullSizeRender-21Don’t be tempted. These mouth-watering cupcakes and cookies only taste yummy to dolls.

FullSizeRender-30After we had eaten, I was handed a beautiful bag! Inside were gifts, I was told, so I pulled out the first thing my eager hand could grab.

FullSizeRender-37“A doll hairbrush!” I gushed. “Oh, this is perfect for Jocelyn’s hair! Thanks, guys!”

FullSizeRender-31“Oh my goodness! This is beautiful! I’m going to put it in my hair right now.”

FullSizeRender-34“I’ve always loved this necklace! Two ‘strong’ charms…I guess I’m strong both physically AND emotionally!” I laughed at my own joke, then Molly urged me to look inside the bag again.

FullSizeRender-29“Oh my goodness! I’m ‘Kind’ and ‘Loyal’, too? Thanks, girls! This has been an amazing birthday!”

FullSizeRender-36(The beautiful charm necklace.)

FullSizeRender-32I don’t know who cried out, “GROUP HUG!!!” first, but it was more like a dog pile. Before I knew it, all my friends jumped on top of me and gave me a HUGE birthday hug!

FullSizeRender-35“This has been such a cool birthday smash,” I laughed. Two birthdays in one…Molly-Anne’s and mine… Why, we had this idea two years back…why hadn’t I noticed the pattern?

FullSizeRender-33It would have been a perfect ending, with the sweet hug and all, but a parade of marching mini dolls (with the exception of Christina, who’s a Barbie) came and interrupted.

FullSizeRender-38“We have but one more gift!” Christy cried dramatically. She was so darn cute!

FullSizeRender-40It tickled very much as all the mini dolls wrapped the fuzzy pink fashion scarf around me, but I couldn’t say no to such sweet, innocent, solemn, proud faces!

FullSizeRender-41So that’s my birthday story.

FullSizeRender-39Hope you’ve enjoyed!