HELLO, EVERYBODAYYYY! Madison here! I am all better (except for there is still mucus in my throat..yuck!) thanks to YOUR prayers and kind words! Thank you all so much! I am back a day early because we decided to drive home last night…we arrived at 1:00(one o’clock) in the morning! Talk about hittin’ the sack pretty late! :P I brought Molly, as tradition, just like last year and of course, took photos! I can’t wait to share all of them with you…and the wait is over!

IMG_3462Getting ready to load our stuff into the Rental Car…Last night I took forever in dressing Molly in a perfect outfit for a stopmotion I was going to do, and since I took forever doing it when I finally finished her hair and was picking out some shoes for her it was bedtime. So I still haven’t made that stopmotion yet. I packed all of her stuff, and then another little blue bag as you see there full of fun stuff for Molly to do in the car. :)

IMG_3464Isn’t she a cutie? I styled her bangs a little differently.

IMG_3465“Ahhh! In all the commotion, my hair got messed up! HELLLP! I look like a…a…person with bedhead or something! Help meeeeeeeeee!”

Oh, Molly… ^_^

IMG_3466This is straight down/to the side a bit/how I normally style her hair..

IMG_3467And then the cool new style I tried.

IMG_3468Molly loves reading her favorite book!

IMG_3469She likes playing with little popsicle stick dolls I made her, too! ;) :)

IMG_3473Of course, we just had to try out those awesome movie screens with one of our favorites…EVAN ALMIGHTY!

IMG_3474Uh-huh, you guessed right! An awesome stop to Dairy Queen and to get a starkiss makes everything more awesome, right?! Like last time, and the time before that!

IMG_3475Hey! Who took a gigantic bite out of MY starkiss? ….MOLLY!!?

IMG_3476Let us continue watching EVAN ALMIGHTY!

IMG_3477We then stopped to get some Hunt Brothers Pizza for my brother, and I got bored and started experiencing with different angles…and seeing if blurred bangs look cool…and stuff. ;)

IMG_3478 IMG_3479  IMG_3481 IMG_3480

IMG_3482I really like this one!

IMG_3483At the end, everyone dances to “EVERYBODY DANCE NOW!” LOLOL!!

IMG_3484 IMG_3492
“God” is leading everyone in a dance.. :)IMG_3490 Evan saying, “NO, NO, THAT’S AWFUL DANCING!” then he shows them the “right way to dance” XDIMG_3488 IMG_3487

IMG_3493The ending screen.

(I don’t recommend watching the outtakes, if you ever try to watch Evan Almighty(which I totally recommend). The deleted scenes are funny, but there was a bad word in the outtakes so we stopped watching it.)

IMG_3495That yellow building is the La Quinta hotel! WE’RE HERE! You see, we are going to check in at the La Quinta, go to TBI to get Makenzie’s bags and stuff, then come back.



IMG_3498I packed Molly a little treat to munch on, too ;)

Then we left to pick up Kenzie’s stuff!

IMG_3500“Yay! Mommy’s back!”

IMG_3501I unbraided her hair and it looks SO GOOD all crimped… <3

IMG_3502Then my mom taught me how to French braid!

IMG_3503Then I did what I call “The Spider Braids” on Molly’s hair. SO. CUTE.

Then…time for bed!

IMG_3507waking up….

IMG_3521Getting dressed up pretty for My sisters Commencement Ceremony! She is done with the Discipleship Program.

IMG_3522Pretty girl!

IMG_3523LOVE the lacy socks…

Well we went to commencement, then went to Galveston so my dad could check out a condo he’ll be renting during his thirty/forty days with God, then to my Aunt Allie, Uncle Rick, and Cousin TJ and Joshua’s house, then we went to an awesome Bethlehem walk-thru at their church! We got little tastes of food they ate during Jesus’s time, got to pet donkeys and lambs, and I got a little Jewish scroll and then we made our own ropes, just like they would in Jesus’s day. Then we saw Mary and Joseph and little baby Jesus. aw <3 then we went to Samurai Hibachi, SO GOOD. Then we went back to TJ and Joshua’s house to go to bed, then we woke up to go to their church, and I tell you, THEIR CHURCH IS SO AWESOME. They have their own kid church, isn’t that cool? It was sooo funny, and fun, and, can you believe it, we worshipped to two of my favorite songs – Your Love Never Fails “YOUR LOVE NEVER FAILS / AND NEVER GIVES UP / AND NEVER RUNS OUT ON ME / YOUR LOVE NEVER FAILS / AND NEVER GIVES UP / AND NEVER RUNS OUT ON ME / AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON IT GOES…….” and Forever Reign “MY HEART WILL SING / NO OTHER NAME / JESUS, JESUS / …..(other lyricsIcan’tremember)….LIGHT OF THE WORLD, FOREVER REIGN!” So amazing! And, awesome awesome, they asked who was visitors to their church today, and they called the visitors ON STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me, two other girls, my brother, and two other boys stepped up, and we got to wrap each other in wrapping paper. IT WAS AWESOME. Then we went home and played on TJ and Joshua’s new play-set, then we went to Wal-Mart, where Mimi and Papaw let’s us spend 30-35 dollars on anything we want! I am so, so blessed and thankful!

Wanna see what I got?

Too bad! You’re just going to have to tune in next time for part two(2)! Mwahaaaa! ;)


(and Molly)