Blah! Today is a sick day for the whole family. We’re fighting off the flu, and I’m running a slight fever! I feel much better, thanks to yummy Chicken Noodle soup, Popsicles and watching  TV in PJ’s all day, and much prayer, but my post I wanted to make today is held off. There’s not enough time to take all the pictures, upload them, work the watermark with the size of the picture, and caption them. And tomorrow the family leaves at first light to pick up our big sister at TBI…. five-six hours away! then we have the “Munchkins Christmas Party” ;) at my Mimi’s. we won’t get back until Monday night because we’re going to have an early Christmas because my dad is leaving on that Wednesday to somewhere far-off to spend about 40 days with God because he feels God wants him to. I’m proud of him, but that means no Christmas with him. :( So we’re going to be quite busy for a while! Blah! :( Then Tuesday morning I have a doctors appointment (no worries, it’s just a check-up). So sorry, everybody. I’ll try to get back to posting as soon as I can! Prayers would be much appreciated.

Love you all so much!