IMG_0001“Thanks for agreeing to play outside with me,” I, Chloe Zoey Carter, was telling Ellie as we relaxed on the swing set.

IMG_0002“No problem! I love being outdoors,” Smiled Ellie. She jumped down. “Besides, I wanted to show you something.”

IMG_0003I jumped down and walked beside her. “What? What is it?” I asked.

“You’ll see!”

IMG_0004As we grew nearer to whatever Ellie was walking towards, she pointed to a corner of the backyard. “Right over there,” Ellie grinned. “Where? What?! I can’t see anything!” I grabbed my glasses and put them back on.

IMG_0006“No way!” I gasped.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Ellie turned to ask me, a playful grin that I had come to call, “The Ellie Grin” appearing her face.

“You bet I’m thinking what you’re thinking!”

“Great! Let’s go!”

“Wait…what are you thinking?”

Ellie stopped, and eyed me for a second.

“Oh! Oh, climbing it! Climbing the fallen tree! Climbing it, right? That’s what you were thinking?” I laughed.

“Ding ding ding, we have a winner! Come on, let’s go!” Ellie took off racing towards our wonderful new adventure, and I followed not far behind.

IMG_0008Ellie was the first to pull herself up and begin climbing. I gingerly placed my foot on the bottom of the thick log and put my hand on a sturdy-looking peice of jutted-out bark.

IMG_0009“You can see practically the entirte backyard from here!” Ellie gushed as she turned around and viewed the yard.

IMG_0011I turned around and sat down too (after asking Ellie to politely scooch over), and took in a breath. It was certainly breath-taking.

IMG_0014Well, as breathtaking we wanted it to look like.

“I feel like I’m in the Sahara desert. I’m HOT, and the grass is all dry!” I mumbled.

“When we came out, it was really cold… I guess all that running really worked up a sweat. Geez, I wish it looked prettier out here. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”

“Snow? It doesn’t snow here.”

IMG_0010“Are you serious?!” Ellie cried. “No snow?!

“I know, it stinks.”

“We can imagine that it snowed, can’t we?”

“Yes, my good Ellie, we most certainly can imagine it!”

We spent the rest of the ten minutes that we sat there just imagining a nice thick blanket of pure, white snow over everything. Complete with icicles dangling from the trees.

IMG_0019After that, we made our way back to the swingset, where we stood atop of the A-beam.

IMG_0020Then we sat, for we were very tired from all this trekking around outside.

IMG_0021“You know what, Chloe?” Ellie asked as she let out a yawn.


IMG_0023“I think I’ll take a nap right here.”

The soft breeze cooled our perspiring selves and relaxed us.

“You know what?” I asked.


IMG_0024“I think I’ll take a nap, too.”


Hey! Where did that picture come from? I do NOT snore!

What do you like best about being outdoors?

Until the next adventure,