IMG_0014Hey, girls! Guess who gets to be featured on Mini Doll Monday today? You shouldn’t have to guess around much, you’re staring right at me! Yup, that’s right, today is my day!

Before we begin, Jessa is doing much better. Her back is a little sore from getting the wind knocked out of her, but other than that she is doing fine. She now adjusts the yellow sprig of flowers she wears in her hair to cover the scratch on the side of her forehead. You can barely tell she fell at all!

IMG_0015Anyway, I have taken it upon myself to show you all what we call, “The Christmas Room.” It’s basically where our Christmas tree is located, and where we will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. On Christmas Eve, we’ll all have a big “sleepover “in here!

IMG_0016Here is the lovely wallpaper. It’s green, with snowflakes adorable snowmen on it! Aren’t they cute?

IMG_0017Of course, you can’t forget the tree. Isn’t it just wonderful?

IMG_0018There is also green carpet, and what’s on top of it is even better! Would you look at all of those presents? There must be tons! I wonder if the big ones are for me…he he…

IMG_0019Here’s a closeup of the lovely gifts!

IMG_0020Maybe this red and shiny one has the new hair elastics I asked for. Or maybe the green and white one with the red heart has those flip-flops! Or maybe the beaded necklace I have on my wishlist…Oh, the suspense is killing me! Can’t Christmas get here any sooner?

IMG_0021The gorgeous, golden, glittery tree gives the room a cozy and magical glow. Aren’t Christmas trees awesome?

IMG_0022Tsk, tsk. Madison and her just-for-fun photos. I don’t really see how you can call this “cute!”

IMG_0023Well, hope you have had a wonderful and amazing mini-doll-filled Monday, folks! I shall spend the rest of the day deciphering which presents are mine…And shaking them to see if I can find out what is in them!

Have you (or your dolls) put up your Christmas tree yet?