~told in the POV of Chloe~

IMG_0855I breathed in the fresh air as I stepped outside our screened-in verenda thing. The door slammed behind me, and I felt free to be outdoors. This misty, cool weather was a pleasant change compared the humid, sticky air we’d had all year. I didn’t want to waste this glorious morning, so I decided to bring Gingersnap out for a ride.

IMG_0858“Just feel how pretty the weather is this morning, Gingersnap!” I exclaimed to her. Gingersnap and I had a rough start, but we soon bonded, and I could ride her as well as anybody else.

IMG_0862“Ready to ride, girl?” I asked her, closing my eyes and relishing the morning. Maybe it’s what Madison would call, “Texas weather”. Her and all the other dolls never really liked Florida, because they were all used to Texas. But I had been bought here, and I love it. I couldn’t imagine Texas being better than here.

IMG_0865I planted my left foot into the stirrup.

IMG_0866Swinging my right leg over, I got comfortable in the saddle, and reached forward to grab the reins.

IMG_0867“Let’s go, Gingersnap!”

IMG_0868Soon we were off.

IMG_0872Gingersnap seemed to be enjoying herself too.

IMG_0873I looked around our backyard, and was practically in a trance. I gazed at pretty little yellow flowers,

IMG_0874red flower-thingies that looked pretty even though I had no idea what they were called,

IMG_0875And even the sight of that huge tree that got struck my lightning and fell over in our backyard. That had been a blessing in disguise, because now, more pretty Florida sunshine shines in our backyard! We just have to find a way to remove it…

IMG_0876I was so busy gazing at the beautiful sights, I paid no attention to where I was leading Gingersnap.

IMG_0878When I turned my attention to where I was going, my heart nearly stopped. I stifled a gasp, not wanting to startle Gingersnap – we were riding right where Madison had clearly stated was OFF-LIMITS. Unless the grass had been mowed short, we were not to go over here – there’s a black racer snake hiding in our backyard!

IMG_0880But I was too late. I saw something black and skinny dart off through the blades of grass. I couldn’t make out what it was, but Gingersnap could.

IMG_0883Frightened, she started rearing. I lost grip of the reins and nearly fell off. I let out a peircing scream – I was half terrified and half astonished. Another amazing adventure! I wrote in my mind. We’ve encountered a snake! I’m about to be thrown off my horse! What ever shall I do…

I soon came to my senses. I had to calm this freaked-out horse!

IMG_0885The snake slithered under the fence, at least from what I could tell in the midst of the long grass, and I grabbed a hold of the reins and desperately tried to calm Gingersnap down. “Whoa!” I called. “WHOA, Gingersnap!”

IMG_0893Gingersnap backed up and continued to rear. We almost smashed right into the fence! I grabbed the reins again. “WHOA!”

IMG_0888She finally calmed down after that, and we were both breathing hard.

IMG_0897My cowgirl hat beautifully pulled over my blonde curls was now lopsided, and owuld have fallen off it it was tied to my head. My glasses were lopsided, and I could barely see.

IMG_0896I trotted Gingersnap back.

“Wow, Gingersnap, what an amazing adventure,” I breathed.

What’s that?

You ask why I’m not scared and shaken up about everything?

On the contrary, I’m delighted and couldn’t be happier that I experienced that! How awesome! More amazing material for my life autobiography!

Until the next adventure,

P.S. Later, when I told my friends/roommates what happened, they said I was silly for freaking out! Josefina told me that the snake is completely harmless – it’s not poisionous, it doesn’t even have fangs. It’s actually helpful because it eats other snakes and rodents.