IMG_0925Hello, all! It’s Olly Molly here!

I’m sure a lot of you know this, but I used to wear glasses all the time. Then I stopped wearing them because it seemed like my eyes were getting better. Hold on to your hats – then on this day I discovered my eyes got worse again and that I needed glasses, but this time, they were only reading glasses.

So I wore glasses, then I stopped, then I had to again, and now I only wear them when I need to read something.

Confusing? Maybe a little.

Well, anyways, I’ve had my glasses for almost four years now, and I love them! I used to be the only doll with glasses, but when Chloe came, I wasn’t. :P.

IMG_0928Here is what I look like without glasses.

IMG_0929I haven’t taken these out in forever… Mostly because I don’t read a lot of books…

In fact, I haven’t touched them since we’ve moved…wow…

IMG_0930…And here is what I look like with glasses! What do you think?



IMG_0933To help them stay on, I usually wear a headband or tie a ribbona round my head.

IMG_0934My favorite way is to wear the white flower headband we have from That’s Lolli Etsy Shop. It works perfectly, and my glasses don’t fall off. Plus, the headband looks so cute!

IMG_0936I’m tired now…I think I’ll take a nap.

IMG_0937Oops! Forgot to take my glasses off! There, that’s better. :-)

Do you/your doll wear glasses?