Where we last left off, Clara-Belle’s new tutor will be arriving any minute!

Find out what’s ahead of Clara-Belle in this exciting trilogy. If you’ve missed the last parts..
Part 1
Part 2

This is the last part in this series, and I hope you like it! (the cast will be displayed at end of post)

(this will now be written in Clara-Belle’s point of view)

IMG_3957When I came into my room to prepare for the tutor, the servants were right at my heels.

IMG_3958“Change into this outfit!” “OK…”

IMG_3959“Oh Princess, you do look divine! you’re all ready for your tutor!”

IMG_3960“And have her wear that hairstyle? Goodness sakes, Cécile, that bow doesn’t even match! Let me take care of her hair.” Servant Josie pointed out.

IMG_3961The servants fixed, pricked and pruned my hair all pretty.

IMG_3962“Well? How do I look guys?” I asked, spinning around. “Perfect!” they both chorused.

IMG_3963“One more thing,” I exclaimed.

IMG_3964Now it’s perfect.” I told myself. “No princess’s look is complete without her crown!” Servant Cécile agreed.

IMG_3965There was a knock on the door. “That must be your tutor!” Servant Cécile cried. “We’ll leave you two alone,” Servant Josie said, leading Cécile out.

“Come in!” I cried out.

IMG_3966“Good afternoon, Miss Clara-Belle,” said a lovely young lady all decked out in the latest fashions. “I am Servant Josie’s older sister. I specialize in tutoring. I certainly is an honor to be tutoring you. I am Koko Martinez.”

IMG_3967“Pleased to meet you, Miss Martinez,” I acknowledged her, offering her a seat. (Madison here: AHHH! my knee got in the way! -__- unfortunately, photo-bucket’s acting slow today so there’s no cropping that out. :p oh well!) “Please, call me Koko,” she smiled sweetly, winking.

IMG_3968“Have you had any schooling at all?” “No….” “OK, then, we’ll start out easy. Let’s start with English.” she reached into her bag…(Madison here again! This bag held earrings and chocolates given to me from my grandparents during Christmas vacation of 2012. That’s why it has a sweet little note on it. Has nothing to do with the story. :))

IMG_3969…..Pulled out something twisty and curly…

IMG_3970And unrolled it to hang it on my cozy wall! It had strange markings on it.

IMG_3971“This is the cursive alphabet,” Koko explained. “See this? This is cursive capital A. It makes the ahhh sound. This is lowercase cursive a. It also makes the ahhh sound. It is a vowel, and vowels can be long, like in cage – or short, like in apple.” Before long, I knew all the vowels, how to make little words, and starting a sentence with a capital letter!

IMG_3972Soon, my mother, the Queen Jaylin came in the room.

IMG_3973“Your Majesty, Clara-Belle is a curious and quick learner! She has a little surprise she’d like to sing to you.”

IMG_3974My mother listened with pride as I sang the alphabet song. (A B C D E F G.…)

IMG_3976“Oh, sweetie, I’m so proud of you!” Mother cried, pulling me into a hug. “Thanks, Mother,” I replied, smiling at Koko.

IMG_3977I looked at my ring, reminding me that I can get through anything with God – and the love and support of my family and friends.

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.59.36 PM


IMG_3979Emilie as King Stewart

IMG_3980Josefina as Servant Josie and Koko Martinez

IMG_3981Jasmine as Queen Jaylin

IMG_3982Cécile as Servant Cécile

IMG_3983Molly as Princess Clara-Belle

Madison here! I really hoped you enjoyed this series as much as I did making them!

Well, until next time!