Where we left off, young Princess Clara-Belle has just been told the shocking news of – she’s getting a tutor! This comes as such a surprise to Clara-Belle, thinking having to wear fancy shmancy dresses and being escorted everywhere is already bad enough, now having to learn strange new things by an sissy prissy crabby new tutor? Find out what’s ahead of Clara-Belle in this exciting trilogy.

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King Stewart – Emilie
Queen Jaylin – Jasmine
Princess Clara-Belle – Molly
Servant Cécile – Cécile
Servant Josie – Josefina
Private Tutor Mz. Montoya – Josefina

~this will now be written in the perspective of Clara-Belle~

IMG_3912I awoke suddenly when Servant Cécile walked in. “Hello, Princess,” Cécile greeted me. “Here is your night gown.”

IMG_3913I took down and unbraided my hair as Servant Cécile gathered my clothes and hair accessories. 

IMG_3914“I’ll put your clothes in the laundry room and these accessories on your dresser,” Servant Cécile told me.

IMG_3915“Alright, thank you, Cécile.”

IMG_3916I laid down, though I was certainly restless. My mind still whirled with things. A new tutor. Why? Why was having an education so important, if I’m going to be protected all my life? I mean, I’m never going to have to go out on my own and get a job, will I? I got worried there. No, of course not, I reassured myself. I’m a princess!

IMG_3917My mother, the Queen Jaylin, came in. “You aren’t asleep, Clara-Belle?” she asked. “No, I cannot sleep, mother,” I admitted.

IMG_3918“Sweetie, I know you’re worried, but your father and I have decided what’s best for you. Just go to sleep and don’t worry about it.” She took off her shawl and laid it over me.

IMG_3919“Good night, sweetie.”

IMG_3920She planted a kiss on my cheek before going off to her own bed chamber.

IMG_3921I thought hard on her words. She’s right, I told myself. Everything will be alright. Somehow, I don’t know how, I finally got to sleep.

IMG_3922I awoke with a rustling noise. I sat up. “Good morning, Your Highness,” Servant Josie greeted me. “I hope you slept well. Today, you and your mother are going to take an outing to discuss something important. Here is your dress, corset, under dress, pantalets, petticoat, and crown.”

IMG_3923I hurriedly slipped behind a curtain to change.

IMG_3924“Do you know what’s so important that my mother must speak to me about?” I asked, slipping my nightgown on a royal hanger.

IMG_3925“Allow me to do that for you,” Servant Josie said, putting it on right. “And no, Your Highness, I have no idea what she wishes to talk to you about. However, even if I did, it is not my place to say. Now, which hairstyle would you like today?”

IMG_3926“Anything, I suppose,” I sighed.

IMG_3927She pruned and prepped and fussed about my hair for a few moments and finally exclaimed, “Your hair is done, Princess.”

IMG_3928I pulled my bonnet on. After all, we were going on an outing, so it might be outside. And I could tell from the windows, it was very sunny outside. Though I was naturally tan, I don’t want a sunburn on my face, because those hurt. Ouch.

IMG_3929Servant Josie, of course, straightened it to look just right.

IMG_3930“Your crown will be here whenever you come back inside, Princess,” Servant Josie told me.

IMG_3931Just then, my mother entered the room.

IMG_3932Josie bobbed a curtsey.

IMG_3933“Listen here, girl, I have a servant who is missing from her usual place. By the name of Cécile, I believe. Do you know where she has gone?!” Queen Jaylin cried. “No, Your Highness, I do not,” Josie answered truthfully. Queen Jaylin shook her head angrily. “Oh, when I get my hands on that girl, it’s to the dungeon she goes!”

IMG_3934OH NO! I thought to myself. Cécile is my friend, and a loyal one too. She wouldn’t leave her place to go off somewhere, she’s a loyal and obedient servant. I have to protect her!

IMG_3935All of the sudden, my eyes caught something. There she was! Cécile was in the hall! “Mother!” I cried out, and all heads turned to me. “Forgive me for speaking out of turn, but there she is, the one you’re looking for! She’s right behind you!”

IMG_3936“YOU THERE!” Queen Jaylin shouted. “Come here AT ONCE!!”

IMG_3938“Where were you?!” Queen Jaylin cried. “You were missing from your usual place! Playing hooky, I suppose, weren’t you? Now what do you have to say for yourself?!” Servant Cécile blushed. “On my way to my place near your and The King’s throne, Your Majesty, the cook needed me to go pick a few more grapes for your breakfast. I hurried to do as she asked, and I just came back from the kitchen. I was too late when I found out you had already eaten, so I’m now rushing to my place. I meant no disobedience.”

IMG_3939“Hmm,” Queen Jaylin pondered. “Is this true?” She was a good Queen and wouldn’t punish a servant without getting the full story. “Yes, Your Highness, this is true.” “Well ok then,” Queen Jaylin agreed. “I’ll let you off this time. But I only want you to work for the King and I. If that lazy cook needs more grapes, she can pick them herself!”

IMG_3940“You, go take Cécile’s place near the King and I’s thrones.” “Yes, Queen Jaylin,” Josie said and she hurried off.

IMG_3941“Sweetie, come outside with me, there’s something very important I must give you. Cécile, come with us, and bring The Treasure Chest.”

I was befuddled. What was so important? What was “The treasure Chest”? What did she need to give me?!


Right now! XD Yeah, I’m not going to end this just yet.

IMG_3942Outside, Mother and I walked with Cécile behind me to a special place.

IMG_3943“Come now, Clara-Belle, have a seat,” Mother told me.

IMG_3944I sat down. “As you know,” Mother started. “I was just a poor, young woman in the village when your father became King. Of course, he needed a wife, so all young maidens were ordered to the palace. There we fell in love, and married.” “I know this, Mother.” “Well, before then, times were hard, and many times my mother had to put me and all my brothers and sisters to bed hungry. My great great great grandmother gave this to my great great grandmother when times were hard, , and my great great grandmother gave this to my great grandmother when times were hard, and my great grandmother gave this to my grandmother when times were hard, my grandmother gave this to my mother when times were hard, and my mother gave this to me when times were hard. Well, I think it’s time for this to be passed on down to you. I know what you’re going through, and I want you to be very blessed and know you’re lucky to have an education. I did not have such a luxury when I was your age. To help you get through this hard time for you…. Cécile, lay down the Treasure Chest.”

IMG_3945Servant Cécile laid down the Special Treasure Chest on a rock.

IMG_3946“Now open it,” my mother whispered. I picked it up, and in there laid a handbag. “It’s very nice,” I said, looking at the plain, black handbag. “Um, dearie, open it,” mother whispered again.

IMG_3947I slowly opened it.

IMG_3948It was the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life! “Thank you, mother!” I cried, admiring this beauty.

IMG_3949“Passed down from generation to generation, now to you….” my mother murmured proudly. “Take good care of it.” she reminded. “Oh, I will!”

IMG_3950She gently slipped it on my finger. “Where it all the time to remind you that you can get through hard times, with the Lord’s help and the support of your friends and family,” she told me, smiling. “I will!”

IMG_3951We looked into each others eyes for a moment, content, happy, and peaceful. “Your Highness?” Servant Cécile broke in. “Forgive me for interrupting, but Clara-Belle’s new tutor will be arriving any minute now.”

IMG_3953“You are right, Cécile. Thank you for telling us. Come along, Clara-Belle,” Mother said, helping me off the rock-seat.

My tutor’s almost here! I thought in alarm. Oh my gosh, I’m excited and afraid at the same time! What will she be like? Mean and crabby? Will learning new things be difficult for me?



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