IMG_3993Using “Scupley® Bake Shop” oven-bake clay that I got for Christmas from my Aunt Allie, Uncle Rick, and Cousin T.J. and Joshua, I made some awesome little doll food items and knick-knacks.

IMG_3994Like this awesome little apple! I baked it with the chenille stem / pipe cleaner / fuzzy stick in it! So adorable, and my other clay one from two years ago..kinda…broke in two.

IMG_3995And of course, little apple slices! :)

IMG_3996And for the mini dolls, a cute purple pot, with a matching lid!

IMG_3997Here’s a photo of it with the lid on! What do you think the mini dolls will use the pot for? Freshly-cut flowers? Storing little knick-knacks and random stuff? :)

IMG_3998Also  for the mini dolls – HOTDOGS! Who can resist? One for each mini doll – Molly-Anne, Jocelyn, and Celina.

IMG_3999Who can have hotdogs without totally delicious toppings? Here I am some bottles of ketchup and mustard (though all of the hotdogs only have mustard on them)

IMG_4001And a box of French fries! Oddly enough, these weren’t created in France…all American meals here! ;)

Following the instructions on the package to bake, my mini dolls (and big dolls) now have some great little stuff! The bake clay certainly comes in handy! IMG_4002(Ahh! Sorry these picture are so dark! :))

IMG_4003Mmm! Delicious! Be sure to eat some fruit to balance that meal out, Molly-Anne! :)

Did you like what I made? you can even make doll food out of play-doh or any type of clay actually. What kind of stuff have you been making for your dolls recently? No ideas? Check out our crafts category!

Well..until next time!