IMG_8932Bonjour, hello, one and all! The lovely Cécile Rey here! Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the day we celebrate the man who truly changed our society! If you don’t already know about him…Look him up with a parent if needed!

IMG_8933In honor or this event I requested a little photo-shoot.

IMG_8943 IMG_8944

IMG_8945Oh yes, that’s my wonderful hand! Isn’t it mah-nyee-feek? (thats French for, magnificent!) Well, I’m waving goodbye now. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. day, everyone! :)

~Cécile Rey~
P.S. My family camera works great for mini-photo shoots! Just all these confusing buttons..I’ve got the focus and zoom down though! LOL! Are you off school for Martin Luther King Jr. Day? I’m homeschooled, so we work through everything lol. Oddly enough, we haven’t started this year yet though. It’s been pretty nice just hangin’ out all day! Well..enjoy your Monday and God bless! ~Madison~