Hey, everybody! How is your Tuesday? Mine is really good. I just came back from dance class. My recital is in May, and I’m excited and nervous!

Anyways, are you ready for a cute mini adventure featuring Coconut, Snowy, and… somebody new? They are all so adorable. I hope you like reading these posts as much as I do making them!

IMG_4217Coconut and Snowy had managed to steal one shoe from two different pairs and were arguing on who would get to chew on the one with the dark blue toe.

“I found it first, you know that, right?” Snowy was asking as if it was obvious.

“No! You found the other blue one first, the one with the silver sparkles on the toe. The dark blue toed shoe belongs to ME!” Coconut argued back.

“Where on earth did you get that idea? I specifically remember picking up that delicious sparkly blue toed shoe and feeling my mouth water…”

“You’re got problems, buddy.” Coco interrupted. “You can’t tell which shoe is MINE!”

IMG_4218Meanwhile, a newcomer was watching all of this in horror. This was her new home? With these insane, shoe-destroying, arguing animals?

IMG_4219She shyly walked up to them, knowing she had to do something before the fight grew anyworse. Snowy looked as if he could rip Coconut’s head off he was so mad at her offense.

“Excuse me?” The little bunny began quietly.

Both heads turned to look at this new face.

“Hello!” Coconut began warmly, instantly forgetting all about the blue-toed shoe. “I’m Coconut, but some call me Coco. Who are you?”

“My name is Angelina. I am a bunny. Madison got me from her church on Good Friday.” The newcomer, Angelina, responded to her.

“I’m Snowy,” Snowy introduced himself as well. “Did you just now decide to make some friends?”

“Yes. I was wondering if there were other stuffed animals my size.” Angelina replied.

Snowy and Coconut shared a glance and grinned. “You’ve come to the right place! We’re your size,” Coco began.

“And you can play with us! You might not be one for chewing shoes, but would you help us decide who deserves to chew this blue-toed one?” Snowy added.

IMG_4220“Yes, of course,” Angelina replied politely. She knelt down to look at the shoe, trying to decide how on earth she was going to resolve this argument without getting into a fight herself and losing her new friends.

Both Coco and Snowy were growing tired of her silence and stares at the shoe.

IMG_4221Finally, with a lunge Snowy threw himself at the shoe and clamped on! Angelina, not bothering to stifle her gasp of surprise and shock, stumbled back and watched with wide eyes.

IMG_4222“Just what do you think you’re doing, buster?! That is MY shoe!” Coconut lunged at the shoe as well and both friends proceeded to at once begin a tug-of-war game with their prize.

IMG_4223“Stop! Stop! before soembody gets hurt!” Angelina cried, but her soft, quiet little voice could not be heard amongst the growling and pulling.

Luckily, Chloe, who was playing an imaginative game with herself as usual, walked in when she heard the noise. “Y’all are so loud, I can’t believe you haven’t woken up Cécile!” Chloe cried.

IMG_4224“Alright, folks, break it up! Break it up! Hand over the shoe. Naughty pets!” Chloe scolded as she pulled them apart from each other and grabbed the shoes.

IMG_4225“You naught little things! Whatever am I going to do with you? Y’all nearly ruined our good flats,” Chloe sighed. “And couldn’t you have both chewed up one show from the same pair instead of fighting over just one? Silly pets…But wait! Who are you?”

IMG_4226Chloe set down the shoes and tenderly picked up the sensitive, frightened, trembling little bunny. “Oh, you poor, poor thing! Don’t worry, sweetie. Their silly fights don’t last long.” Chloe crooned over the adorable little animal.

IMG_4227“No more fighting – or chewing shoes for that matter, you hear?” Chloe laughed as she saw the two sheepish-looking pets. “Come on, y’all get some petting, too!”

IMG_4228Don’t they make such an adorable picture? Angelina still looks quite shocked, though. She eventually decides she had better get used to living with these crazy pets! LOL!

Do your dolls have any pets who fight?


Madi, Chloe, Snowy, Coco and Angelina