Guess who’s stealing the spotlight today?

The Girls of Many Lands dolls! I FINALLY unpacked them a few weeks ago. I never got around to it before, for I was always busy, never needed them for anything, etc. But I decided it would be fun to feature them in a multiple-part photostory; they are so beautiful!

The first part of this mini series, The Unwanted Adventure, will feature Neela and Isabel. But more characters will be added in the parts to come!

~Now told in the POV of Neela herself~

IMG_7012Hello, there! My name is Neela. You might know me from the other posts Madison has done about the GOML dolls.

IMG_7013Today, I decided I wanted to explore this house Madison has moved into. But would you believe this – she’s been here for over a year! And we GOML dolls didn’t know anything about it. In fact, we weren’t unpacked until just recently. So naturally, the curiosity was killing me about this place and I was in dire need to go exploring!

IMG_7014But right as I took off running towards something interesting, my sari tripped me!

IMG_7015“Ouch,” I muttered as I landed on my arm.

IMG_7016So I took the annoying thing off and went on my way!

IMG_7019I was in the living room to start off with. It was a place of great interest.

IMG_7020I climbed up the armrest of a leather chair. Whew! It’s harder than it looks.

IMG_7021I could see the entire room from up here! There was a TV… and that was about it.

IMG_7022I looked about. How boring. Is this what humans did in here? Sit? And sometimes watch TV? Forget all the excitement and interest of this place! Where was the rest of the house?

IMG_7023But right as I thought about how boring this room was, something I had never seen before caught my eye and I HAD to learn more about it.

IMG_7027How interesting! It was a humungeous… THING with pushable buttons all on it! I guessed it went to the TV. I pressed a few buttons, which was great fun, but to my disappointment but the TV didn’t do anything. Wasn’t there supposed to be a power button to turn it on? I wondered where it was…

IMG_7028It didn’t make a very comfy seat. So what was the use of it if I couldn’t find the power button? It must be on the TV itself.

IMG_7029“This is the most boring room I’ve ever been in!” I concluded aloud with a huff.

IMG_7030But the couch I was on was soft and comfy.

And perfect for jumping!

As you can guess, the new few minutes were full of fun, glorious fun.

IMG_7031After all that bouncing, I sat down to catch my breath. How exhilarating! So this room wasn’t so boring… you just had to look in the simplest places for all the fun!

IMG_7032Meanwhile, away from the couch and leather chairs, Isabel was strolling along. She, too, was curious about this house and wanted to know where things were, but wasn’t craving adventure like I was.

“Oh my goodness gracious!” She gasped. “Is this Neela’s sari? On the floor? What insanity! NEELA! Where are you?!”

IMG_7033Oh, dear. I realized to myself. I had better go over there and explain.

“Neela!” Isabel gasped when I appeared on scene. “What on earth are you doing in those clothes?! Why aren’t you wearing your sari?!”

IMG_7034“Look at it on the floor! It is very improper and unladylike for you to go without your sari!” Isabel continued ranting.

IMG_7035I sighed. Sometimes, Isabel was no fun. She was the oldest and in charge of all the GOML dolls. And she was so proper! Reluctantly I bent down to pick up my sari and I draped it back over my shoulders and around myself. “I’m sorry. If I had it on, I couldn’t run without tripping.” I mumbled.

“Come on, Neela. Let’s get back to where we belong. Clearly you don’t know how to be a young lady. You’ll stay inside our room, where you belong, until you learn how to dress properly!” Isabel ordered.

It was the end of my little exploration. I sadly dropped my gaze. Would I ever see the rest of the house?

IMG_7036Isabel, noticing my gloominess, put her hand on my shoulder. I looked up to meet her gaze. She didn’t say anything, only smiled at me, letting me know all was forgiven. I forced a small smile back, then trudged after her.

IMG_7037I prepared myself for boredom – obviously she didn’t want any adventure. It was going to be a long, uneventful walk home with Isabel around.

Or so I thought, for what happened next utterly shocked Isabel and I both and left us in terror.

To be continued…

What a cliffhanger, right? :P Will Neela ever explore the rest of the house? Find out in the next part of The Unwanted Adventure!

~Madison and the GOML Dolls~