Madison here! Even though my dolls are still in the outfits for my Return of Jessie Parks film (still have one more HUGE scene to stop-motion), I thought, why not do a photo-story with what’s already going on instead of thinking up a new plot and having to change their clothes for it? Pure genius if I do say so myself…hahaha!

OK….Here’s Coconut!

IMG_4012Ruff ruff, Coconut the Wild Dog here. I’m not everydollies house pet anymore. You got that right…*growwwwwwwwl* ever since every single doll auditioned for parts in that stinkin’ Jessie Parks thing, they’ve forgotten to feed me, exercise me, they spend most everyday at the scene of the terrible happening that’s taken place. Forgetting about me, they are.

But that’s ok. High-tailing it to the wild, I found this nice cozy(not really) spot under Madison’s mom and dad’s bed.

IMG_4013I stole the huge bag of Doggy Kibble (don’t worry, I’m pacing myself so it will last) and poured it into half an Easter egg I found for my morning meal. I climb up the sink if some human left the bathroom door open after they go out to fill up with lid with water. (I am a very good climber.)

IMG_4014When night falls, I grab the blanket..

IMG_4017And sleep.

IMG_4018It sure is lonely out here, being a wild dog, yessiree. What do I do in my spare time? you ask. I think. Think how terrible I’ve been treated, and wondering if anyone has even noticed I’ve been gone. What happened to everyone telling me I was cute and giving me scraps of dinner? Whatever happened to long, curious walks with the dolls and I? It’s that Jessie Parks thing, I tell you!

IMG_4019I looked at my “Coconut” name badge. Should I even wear this? No one would need to know my name or wear I live, I mean they’ve forgotten about me and I’m in the wild where hardly any dolls are anyways.

IMG_4020In the midst of my angry thoughts, I heard voices. “I can’t BELIEVE this is the last scene of the Jessie Parks film!” “I know, right? Acting has been so fun, even if you’re the star and I’m just the minion. It would’ve been so much better if I was the lead!” “Forget it Jaz, I’m only Jessie in the sequel because I was Jessie in the first film. It’d be odd to see a brunette banged villain and then in the sequel see a curly-haired auburn.”

IMG_4021“I just can’t remember my first line of the last scene. Like, do I tell everyone to bow to me because I want to be ruler of DollyWood or do I say that i’m the new ruler first?”

IMG_4022“I dunno, try asking one of the other dolls and see if they know.”

IMG_4023“I don’t think they would be memorizing my lines, Jazzy. I think I’ll just ask mom for an extra copy of the script. Shouldn’t have thrown away mine after I read it through once and told her I memorized it even though I just repeated the last word because it was freshest in my mind.” The two girls giggled, and I knew exactly who they were! My best dollie friend Molly, and that fashionista that always dresses me up in big bows and frills when I WANT TO BE A DIRTY TOMBOY DOG! But….I was even glad to see her.

IMG_4024I bolted toward them. “RUFFRUFFRUFFRUFF ARF ARF AROOOOOOOO!!!!!!” I howled.

IMG_4025“Oh my word! Coco! I haven’t seen you in ages!” Molly cried, stunned. My world got so much brighter. “We must’ve forgot about her with all the hustle and bustle of the stopmotion thing!” Jazzy addded.

IMG_4026I gottalotta love right then and there! Jazzy scratched be right behind my ear, my favorite spot, and Molly cuddled me close.

IMG_4027I was one happy pup, I’ll tell you that!