IMG_8996“CUT!” Madison yelled as I finished a pose in a stopmotion scene. “That was great everybody! Take five and we’ll work on another short one!”


YOLO! IT’S BEEN A WHILE! Probably because I’m the lead role in a big film mom’s been workin’ on… “The Return of Jessie Parks!”, in fact!

Let’s go somewhere a little less “villian lair”ish.

IMG_8999Much better! Starring as one of the leads – Jessie Parks, in fact – is super fun. Besides the fact that I play the most dangerous criminal in DollyWood, acting is so fun. Sometimes the carpet is unstable, and, being a doll of course, I fall down right as mom takes a photo and she has to really edit that out in iMovie, and sometimes my eyelashes won’t stay put when I blink and one of them pops back open so it looks like I’m winking (XD!!) but otherwise, this stop-motioning has been a blast.

I’m going to take you through my “Victory outfit” (the one my minion(she doesn’t have a nameXD) makes for me once “I” try to take control of DollyWood), which is included in the second-to-last and very last scene in this awesome film mom’s working so hard to make.

IMG_9001First of all, my hair is very interesting. Mom did a high side ponytail, and added a strange twist too it. Half my bangs are swept back stylishly with a barrette.

IMG_9002I have a sparkly white choker necklace, too.

IMG_9004Some black-and-white patterned ribbon around my wrist for a cute bracelet,

IMG_9006A frilly black-and-white zebra designed arm warmer for a sleeve-less top,

IMG_9007Home-made black leggings,

IMG_9008And the boots from Cecile’s Summer Outfit.

IMG_9009Well, even though I can totally tell you this stop-motion film is gonna be great, you’ll have to decide for yourself if it’s all it’s cracked up to be whenever mom is finished with it.

Well…gotta run! Five minute break is up and it’s back to the center stage for me!

Live, love, play with dolls….

Olly Molly
P.S. The reason we’re not doing any photo stories right now is because we’re all in prison guard, evil, or Spy/FBI-looking outfits right now, and mom worked really hard to get those on us because some of them are tight, so it’d look pretty goofy if we did a photostory right now. XD