Today is the release date of my stop motion movie The Goodbye! I’ve been working so hard on it — in fact, I have not slept in fortyish something hours. I pulled my first all-nighter last night! I worked on it nonstop and…

… wait, I was going to at least attempt to make this sound professional. *clears throat*

The Goodbye’s premier time has unfortunately been pushed back until later this evening due to unexpected uploading problems.

Over the course of two hours, The Goodbye has only been uploaded 35%. That is because our servers’ uploading mechanisms cannot contain the full levels of its awesomeness. They must take things slowly… or catastrophe will strike.

So don’t be alarmed that The Goodbye is not yet posted! It is finished and just in the painstakingly slow uploading process and has been for the past two hours. Because it’s

14 minutes long.

31 gigs huge.

And packed to capacity with full-on mind-blowing epicness.

Rest assured this means that by the length of time our servers take to process its awesomeness that you are getting one amazing stop motion movie.


Oh, and Happy Easter! I hope you have all had the most phenomenal Sunday today! Isn’t Jesus amazing? He didn’t stay on that Cross or in that grave. We don’t serve a lame, wheeny God. Nothing could hold Him down. He defeated death, hell and the grave once and for all and made a way for us to spend our eternity with Him if we so choose and live an incredible, blessed life. That’s my King! ♥

1 AM UPDATE — it’s uploaded, now it must process. Which is also taking hours. THAT MEANS THE EPICNESS IS ONLY GROWING. Rest assured The Goodbye will release later today (April 17th). Our servers are virtually unable to handle the capacity of its 100% pure awesomeness. They apologize for the delay. And I seriously need to get some sleep.