When I went to Texas again in October, one of my top priorities was making sure I took advantage of the beautiful woods next to one of my favorite parks and all the gorgeous autumn leaves. Here are all my favorites!

Sorry about the fuzzy image quality. I saved this as a JPEG a long time ago, before I realized my theme lowers the quality of JPEG images (so I save all of my pictures as PNG now). And I can’t go back and edit it. *pouts*

Ah, PNG. So much clearer.

If you’re thinking she’s about to fall…

… she is. XD

Doesn’t she look so sophisticated? It’s that makeup editing. XD

This is my favorite photo of the shoot. And it is also the last.

The rest of the photos are… not so good. XD

Thanks to my amazing mom for helping out with the pictures of Taryn on the log!

She LITERALLY saved Taryn’s LIFE multiple times. Every time Taryn would fall, my mom would catch her. ?

What’s the most dangerous picture of your doll you’ve ever taken?

I take pictures of my dolls in the middle of the road, ^ on top of logs with water underneath, right next to a swimming pool, on top floor of a beach house deck, holding fire… what about you?