It’s kind of hard to believe December is already upon us. I had an idea of what I’d be doing in December, but then, out of nowhere… WHAZAM! I’m thrown into the rush of Christmas without my permission. Bad December. Bad December for coming way too fast.

Among the Christmas festivities here at DWOD is the second annual Christmas card exchange! You might have participated in the one we did last year and I’m so excited to do it again this year.

Would you like to participate? Here’s how it works!

• If you send me a Christmas card, I’ll send you one back!

I’ve got exclusive custom-made DWOD Christmas cards ordered and printed for you this year! You won’t believe how excited I am to send them out.

• You can send any Christmas card, store-bought or handmade, to my P.O. box address:

Delightful World of Dolls
P.O. Box 1917
Valrico, FL 33595

Yes. I live in Valrico, FL, same city as my P.O. box. NOW YOU KNOW.

• Be sure to get an adult’s permission before sending a card!

• Please remember to put your return address on the card so I can send you one back. Of course, if you want to send a card but aren’t allowed / don’t want to receive one, you can exclude your address. (I’m offended. You don’t like my pretty card?)

• I can send cards anywhere! Even if you live outside the U.S., I’d love to exchange cards with you.

• You can send your card anytime in December. Even if the mail runs late or you get busy and I get your card after Christmas, I’ll still send you a card!

• If your dolls want to send a card to my dolls, they’re more than welcome to! ;) However: Due to the busyness of this December, my dolls will make one card in response to your dolls’ card(s), instead of one card in response to each of your doll(s)’ card(s). I—er, my dolls—sent a lot of their cards late this way because of how busy we were and I want to make sure to send them all on time!

• If you aren’t allowed to participate, don’t worry! I can send you the Christmas card photo by email if you’d like to have sort of an e-card Christmas exchange, haha! And there are plenty of fun things going on this month, like the Christmas Craft Collab with Light4theLord! Above, K.C. is trying out one of the DIY gold chocolate coins I’ll show you how to make on Friday.

And then, debuting on Wednesday, we have The Secret Santa Disaster; a two- or three-part Christmas photostory series (because I’m indecisive) featuring Del, Jasmine, K.C., and a… black widow spider?

Do you plan to participate in the Christmas card exchange? I can’t wait to send cards out!

See you on Wednesday with the first part of The Secret Santa Disaster! ^


Q: What if I don’t celebrate Christmas?
A: You’re totally welcome to send me a happy holidays card instead! I’m just not the kind of person to conform, and I celebrate Christmas, so as long as getting a Christmas card in return doesn’t offend you, you’re welcome to participate this way!


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